2024 BREAKING NEWS: Democrats set to impose massive voting change

Dec 1, 2022

The day after the Midterms ended, the 2024 election cycle kicked into high gear.

And as usual, Democrats have plans to fiddle with the election process.

And now Democrats are set to impose this massive voting change.

Democrats may shake up their nominating process

For nearly two decades, Republicans and Democrats ran identical Presidential nominating calendars with four early states –  Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada.

But there has been an undercurrent on the Left to switch up the calendar because Iowa and New Hampshire are allegedly too white to go first.

The 2020 Iowa Caucus disaster where the Democrats could not properly count votes and the fact that Trump dominated the state in 2016 and 2020 have increased the desire among many on the Left to boot Iowa out of its position as the kickoff to the nomination.

“I don’t think there’s any way Iowa stays and there’s no reason for Iowa to stay,” a Democrat working on changing the calendar told POLITICO. “From an electoral standpoint, we’ve lost Iowa completely.”

Since Democrats want to keep a Midwest presence in the first four states, Michigan and Minnesota are the leading contenders to replace Iowa.

Biden will make the call

But Democrats are waiting for Joe Biden and the White House to weigh in since he is the leader of the Party.

“If the President says he wants this state or that state in the early window, then I’m going to support it because he’s the leader of the Party and I would imagine every other [rules committee] member feels the same way,” a Democrat National Committee member told POLITICO. “So, it’s frustrating when we’ve invested all this time, energy and money into this whole process and the White House has given us nothing, even though we’re only days away from making a decision.”

“It’s almost like Kabuki theater,” the DNC member added.

Nevada, with its large Hispanic population, is also a favorite to move up in the process from fourth to first.

“Nevada going first will help Democrats win future Presidential elections, more so than any other state under consideration,” former Harry Reid aide Rebecca Lambe wrote.

The first four states were also smaller states that do not have large TV markets, which allow all candidates to compete.

Moving large states like Michigan into the process favors establishment-backed candidates with easier access to millions of dollars in special interest money.

Republicans affirmed their intention to stick with the first four states being Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada.

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