A black Republican just lowered the boom on The View with this epic take down

May 26, 2023

The hosts of The View offer up some of the most dimwitted political takes on TV.

But they went too far with this one disgusting attack on black conservatives.

And a black Republican just lowered the boom on The View with this epic take down.

With a message of personal responsibility, Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) launched his Presidential campaign and leaned into his own biography as the son of a single mother who grew up poor.

In his announcement, Scott said that America is a “land of opportunity” and not a “land of oppression.”

The View co-host Joy Behar decided that Scott, a black man, needed a lecture on racism in America from an 80-year-old white woman.

“[Scott’s] one of these guys like Clarence Thomas, black Republican, who believes in pulling yourself [up] by your bootstraps,” Behar said. “Rather than understanding the systemic racism that African Americans face in this country and other minorities.”

Behar claimed that Scott does not understand racism.

“He doesn’t get it,” Behar claimed. “Neither does Clarence [Thomas], and that’s why they’re Republicans.”

Behar dealt with a scandal after a picture of her dressed in blackface for Halloween surfaced online.

The Left constantly attacks black Republicans for not buying into their divisive narrative on race.

Black conservative demolishes Joy Behar

Representative Byron Donalds (R-OH), one of five black Republicans in Congress, is a rising conservative star in the House.

During an appearance on Fox Business, he fired back at Behar by calling her a “buffoon.”

“Joy Behar doesn’t understand that she is a buffoon,” Donalds said. “She’s paid to spew these things. Nobody really pays attention to anything she believes in or talks about, and she sounds good on the Upper West Side, but the rest of America looks at her and says she’s utterly ridiculous.”

Donalds pointed out how absurd it is that anyone takes her seriously.

“I don’t even know why her opinions even carry the level of weight they do,” Donalds continued. “Franky, they really don’t, but it’s a ridiculous opinion, she’s never walked a day in Tim Scott’s shoes or my shoes or any other black person in America, so she needs to sit down and stay in her lane, tell some jokes, but this is not an area for her to comment.”

Even though Behar and the other co-hosts on The View would never lecture a black Democrat about race, telling a black Republican what to believe is fair game.

Donalds did not let her off the hook for her blackface scandal.

“Joy, dressing up as a black woman for Halloween with dark paint on your face doesn’t magically make you black or make you an expert on what it’s like to be black. From one black person to another white liberal who got a pass for wearing blackface, sit this one out,” Donalds wrote on social media.

Behar’s lecturing to Tim Scott once again showed that Democrats are the real Party of racism.

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