A couple is going through hell with Ford after dealing with this electric vehicle nightmare

May 16, 2024

Electric vehicles are supposed to be a cutting-edge technology that will revolutionize transportation.

But many of their owners are discovering that they were sold a false bill of goods. 

And a couple is going through hell with Ford after dealing with this electric vehicle nightmare.

Plug-in hybrids growing in popularity

Electric vehicles have never lived up to the hype that their supporters give them.

One of their biggest problems is a lack of range and public charging stations.

Automakers are trying to bridge the gap to the mythical future where electric vehicles can travel more than a few hundred miles without needing to charge for hours.

Plug-in hybrids add a gasoline-powered to a traditional electric vehicle to overcome their problems with range.

Their electric batteries are designed for short trips around town, with their gas engine giving them the range for longer journeys.

Sales of plug-in hybrids are rising as a more practical alternative to electric vehicles. 

But they still have the same problems as their fully electric brethren. 

Colorado couple stuck with electric vehicle that Ford says is too dangerous to drive

Colorado residents Kevin and Roberta Lambert decided to purchase a 2020 Ford Hybrid PHEV (a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) after doing their research.

“It’s what we wanted,” Roberta Lambert told CBS Colorado. “I’d never had a luxurious car before. So this is kind of my dream car.”

But her dream car turned into a nightmare.

“Ford went to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration with a problem. The battery energy control module in the vehicle’s trunk could become damaged as a result of excess voltage and current. That could mean a loss of power, increasing the risk of crash or fire,” CBS Colorado reported.

Roberta requires a cane or a scooter to get around because of her disability.

Her husband is worried about trying to get her out of the car if a fire breaks out.

Ford is working on a fix to the problem that they claim will be released later this year.

But that leaves the couple scrambling to figure out what to do in the meantime.

“Ford told CBS Colorado the car is safe if they do not charge it,” CBS Colorado reported.

The Lamberts shelled out their hard-earned money to buy a plug-in hybrid, but they can’t charge it.

And a solution is months away.

Now, because their car is at risk of catching on fire, they’re afraid to drive it.

“It would be difficult to get her out of the car quickly if there was an issue,” Kevin Lambert said. “So I’m not going to take that chance.”

The couple went back to Ford and was given a buyout offer on their car.

But the amount Ford offered, $21,755, is less than what they owe on their loan, which is $25,088.

Returning their car would result in a $3,333 loss.

Ford told CBS Colorado that another offer was coming in June that would be enough to cover their loan.

Now the Lamberts are waiting until June because they don’t want to risk driving a car that will catch on fire.

“A little better, but it’s still going to be a little bit of a worry,” Roberta said.

Electric vehicle supporters are trying to push drivers into an unreliable and potentially dangerous technology.

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