A Fox News reporter confirmed the worst about this massive deception by Joe Biden

Jun 10, 2024

Joe Biden knows he’s in big trouble for the 2024 Election.

He’s pulling out all the stops to hide his failed record from voters.  

And a Fox News reporter confirmed the worst about this massive deception by Joe Biden.

Joe Biden issues a bogus executive order on the border

The border crisis has become a serious political liability for President Joe Biden in the 2024 Election.

Polling shows that immigration along with inflation are the top issues for voters this year.

Biden ignored the illegal immigration problem he created for years, but now he’s scrambling to do something to limit the political damage the issue is doing to him.

He claimed that he lacked the legal authority to do anything about the border – even though he could have simply reinstated former President Donald Trump’s policies that began overturning on his first day in the White House.

That’s why he tried to get Congress to pass a phony border security bill – that allowed two million illegal aliens to enter the country every year – that open border Senate RINOs negotiated with Democrats.

But that bill died before it could get to his desk.

Biden wanted that bill to pass because Republicans would share in the blame for the border crisis after it failed to do anything.

Now after arguing that he didn’t have the power to take executive action on the border, Biden finally did something.

He issued an executive order to address the border that was born out of political desperation.

Now Biden can tell voters that he tried to do something in a classic election-year stunt.

Fox News border reporter dismantles Biden’s phony border action

Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin has been one of the few national reporters who’s been on the ground at the southern border regularly reporting on the crisis.

He was asked for his thoughts on Biden’s new executive action by Fox News host Sandra Smith after playing a clip of House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) calling it “window dressing.”

“I mean, think about how many years we’ve been down here doing live shots, showing these massive lines of people waiting, almost like they’re in line at Disneyland just to get processed by Border Patrol, smiling, waving to our cameras, thumbs up, no fear of deportation year after year after year,” Melugin explained. “And we kept hearing from the White House year after year: ‘There’s no crisis at the border. It’s not an issue.”

Melugin noted that Biden’s urgency to do something about the border increased in an election year.

“Then we fast forward to this year,” Melugin continued. “You just heard the speaker there say, after the border bill failed, President Biden said repeatedly, ‘I’ve done all I can do on the border. It’s up to Congress to fix it.’ Well, suddenly now, five months before an election, he’s decided that, ‘well, there is something I can do executively.’ And he’s decided to take this action, and it makes you wonder, why didn’t it happen last year?”

Melugin explained that Biden’s executive order was just a shell game.

The illegal aliens that the President claims will be stopped will be allowed in via parole or other means.

“So the illegal crossing numbers may go down a little bit,” Melugin explained. “But he’s bringing more people into the country through quote-unquote, ‘lawful pathways,’ which are just programs he’s created at the executive level, guys.”

Joe Biden isn’t serious about border security.

He’s just hoping to fool voters in an election year.

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