A Judge just handed down one ruling that could be the final nail in the coffin for Fani Willis

Feb 29, 2024

Fani Willis’ criminal case against Donald Trump for contesting the results of the 2020 election is falling apart at the seams.

Trump could be on the verge of a huge victory.

And a Judge just handed down one ruling that could be the final nail in the coffin for Fani Willis.

Judge McAfee: Former Nathan Wade law partner must testify 

Fani Willis and Nathan Wade both testified that their affair began after she hired him as the special prosecutor in the Trump election case.

Defense lawyers seeking to disqualify Willis from the case because of a conflict of interest believe they have evidence that shows Wade and Willis did not tell the truth.

Ashleigh Merchant, the lawyer from Trump co-defendant Mike Roman, subpoenaed Wade’s former law partner Terrence Bradley to testify in the case.

Merchant believes Bradley can provide testimony and evidence in the form of text messages that show Willis and Wade began their romantic relationship prior to her bringing him onboard.

Wade sought to block Bradley’s testimony on the basis of attorney-client privilege since he represented him in his divorce.

But Judge McAfee ruled that Bradley has to testify.

“A judge has determined that Nathan Wade’s former law partner and divorce lawyer must tell the court what he knows about the special prosecutor’s relationship with District Attorney Fani Willis – a decision that could produce more bombshell testimony as defense attorneys seek to disqualify the DA from prosecuting the Fulton County election interference case,” the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.

“Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee’s chambers notified attorneys in the case by email late Monday that certain communications Terrence Bradley had with Wade are not protected by attorney-client privilege, according to numerous people who read the email. Bradley could be compelled to testify as soon as Tuesday afternoon. McAfee’s decision followed a closed-door meeting between the judge and Bradley on Monday that lasted nearly an hour and 20 minutes,” the report continued.

Disqualifying Willis could delay case against Trump in Georgia 

Bradley’s testimony comes days after defense lawyers produced cell phone data that showed Wade’s phone in Willis’ neighborhood on multiple nights in 2021.

This information – as well as hundreds of text messages and phone calls between Wade and Willis prior to when they claimed the affair began – called their testimony into question.

If Judge McAfee disqualifies Willis, then it could be years – if ever – before this case goes to trial.

Disqualifying Willis would mean disqualifying her entire office.

The state of Georgia would then have to find a new prosecutor to take over the case.

No prosecutor may want this case since it’s been so damaged by Willis’ conduct.

Not only that, but no other prosecutor may think the charges were legitimate in the first place.

Even if another prosecutor did want the case, Trump could be in the White House by then, which would push the trial back until at least 2028.

In either event, it would mean dropping the case entirely.

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