A massive Supreme Court failure left Republicans red with rage

Jan 20, 2023

Conservatives counted on the Supreme Court to serve as a bulwark against the Left.

But Trump supporters got some bad news.

And now a massive Supreme Court failure left Republicans red with rage.

Someone leaked a draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade to POLITICO last May.

The leak spurred a wave of left-wing domestic terrorism.

Left-wing mobs violated federal law and stalked conservative Justices at their homes and a Joe Biden supporter attempted to assassinate Brett Kavanaugh.

In the wake of the leak, Chief Justice John Roberts ordered an investigation into the matter.

After seven months, the Marshal of the Supreme Court admitted that the investigation could not turn up who leaked the opinion to the press.

“The investigation has determined that it is unlikely that the Court’s information technology (IT) systems were improperly accessed by a person outside the Court,” the report reads. “After examining the Court’s computer devices, networks, printers, and available call and text logs, investigators have found no forensic evidence who disclosed the draft opinion.” 

The report claimed it was too difficult to find the culprit because pandemic work from home policies and gaps in security made it impossible to determine the identity of the leaker.

“The pandemic and resulting expansion of the ability to work from home, as well as gaps in the Court’s security policies, created an environment where it was too easy to remove sensitive information from the building and the Court’s IT networks, increasing the risk of both deliberate and accidental disclosures of Court-sensitive information,” the report added.

The investigation did reveal that clerks and Court personnel discussed the opinion with their spouses or partners in violation of official procedure. 

“Some individuals admitted to investigators that they told their spouse or partner about the draft Dobbs opinion and the vote count, in violation of the Court’s confidentiality rules,” the investigation continued.

But the investigation never involved the FBI, which could have compelled individuals to turn over phone and email records.

These records would have identified who communicated with the POLITICO reporters who published the leaked opinion.

Republicans slammed the investigation as a waste of time.

“How haven’t we been able to identify the Dobbs Leaker? This is either pure incompetence or willful conduct to hide the Leaker. Either way, a colossal failure,” Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs posted on social media.

This lack of accountability pointed to a larger trend of how anyone in Washington, D.C. who abuses power to target conservatives – Eric Holder not facing charges for contempt of Congress in the Fast and Furious scandal, Lois Lerner getting off scot-free in the IRS-Tea Party targeting scandal, and no one going to jail for the Russian collusion hoax – ever pays a price.

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