A prosecutor revealed one weapon Donald Trump has to fight the absurd New York verdict

Feb 26, 2024

Democrats are trying to bankrupt Donald Trump with the judgment in his civil fraud case.

This politically motivated witch hunt might not stand up to legal scrutiny. 

And a prosecutor revealed one weapon Donald Trump has to fight the absurd New York verdict.

Democrat New York Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron dropped the hammer on former President Donald Trump with a staggering $355 million penalty in the civil fraud lawsuit brought by Democrat New York Attorney General Letitia James.

Engoron – who has only donated to Democrats – ruled that Trump and the Trump Organization committed “persistent and repeated fraud” for allegedly overstating the value of the real estate holdings they used as collateral in loans with banks.

None of the banks that Trump did business with accused him of committing fraud with the valuations of his properties.

James ran for New York Attorney General in 2018 by vowing to use the office to prosecute Trump.

The former President slammed Engoron and James as political hacks during the course of the trial.

“We shouldn’t be having a case here because we have a disclaimer clause that every court holds up except this judge,” Trump said in November. “They’re trying to hurt me — especially her, for political reasons.”

Trump is appealing the case to get the absurd fine tossed out.

Federal prosecutor reveals Donald Trump’s paths to victory in the New York fraud case

Former federal prosecutor Sol Wisenberg discussed the aftermath of the staggering judgment against Trump during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s American Reports.

He said that Trump’s legal team has a chance to successfully appeal the ruling because of the “real Constitutional problems” with the $355 million fine.

“Well, I’ll put it to you this way. I understand I’m not an expert on New York civil fraud law, but it seems to me there’s some real Constitutional problems with the $355 million judgment when there is no victim, no financial loss of any kind. I think that is, you have a ripe argument. You have an argument for a substantive due process violation,” Wisenberg said.

He added that the case had real problems given the “outrageous amount, given the judge’s findings, that there’s no there’s no victim, no monetary victim here.”

The judgment against Trump sent a message to anyone living or doing business in New York that they could be next if they have the wrong politics.

“I think the bigger message is it’s going to send a message to certain businesses and business owners. If you are a radical conservative or if – forget about what your politics are – if you end up offending or insulting whatever the current woke orthodoxy is, what will happen to you?” Wisenberg wondered.

According to Wisenberg, the lack of a jury in the case could come back to bite the overzealous Judge.

“Keep in mind, there was no jury here. And the Judge crows about this in his opinion, Judge Engoron, he says, I don’t need a jury under New York law, but that’s based on a 2011 opinion that said you don’t need a jury because this is an equitable remedy. That means monetary damages are incidental. But that isn’t what happened here. The monetary damages were $355 million. So that stands that law on its head. And I think that they do have, again, a potential Constitutional argument here, a very strong one, if they appropriately raised it at trial,” Wisenberg explained.

The battle over the politically motivated penalty against Donald Trump is just beginning.

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