A school board in California took one action that had leftists turning red

Jan 5, 2023

The Left has made it their goal to brainwash students with their radical agenda since day one of walking into school. 

But parents are beginning to fight back. 

And a school board in California took one action that had leftists turning red.

We’ve all seen the new stories of how crooked and corrupt local school systems have become. 

Our schools used to be one of the most trusted institutions in the United States, but after the past few decades, it’s become crystal clear they are nothing more than a breeding ground for the Left. 

Schools are the Left’s indoctrination factories

Most of the administrators in our school systems are blatant leftists, eager to spew their beliefs upon impressionable young children. 

Many teachers are no better than their leftist administrators as they either participate in the indoctrination or are complacent as they see the indoctrination happen before their very eyes. 

And the biggest issue that has come forward over the past several years is the rise of Critical Race Theory seeping into curriculum from kindergarten through twelfth grade. 

Even the most conservative and rural school districts in the United States have been dealing with Critical Race Theory for years that has been brainwashing their children to hate the United States. 

The main belief of Critical Race Theory is that our nation and the American dream has been built on nothing but racism and oppression administered by white folks. 

And since the United States has been built on nothing but racism and oppression, then it must be torn down brick by brick, institution by institution, until such racism is eradicated from its foundation. 

And the real kicker with Critical Race Theory is that the only people who really get to determine what is and is not racist are radical Marxists who claim everything is racist, since class warfare failed to bring about their desired revolution in America. 

But thankfully, some enlightened parents and voters have been paying attention with regards to what is happening to their children. 

They watch them come home in distress and despair as they’ve been taught to hate their own nation and sometimes the very own parents. 

So because of this, parents have been rising up and fighting for their children’s futures and minds in school board elections across the United States. 

For many communities, parents won School Board elections that are making a difference. 

Sign of courage for children in California

And in one town in California, the heart of the Left’s dystopia, parents have taken a stand and the school board has listened.

The Temecula Valley Unified School District voted recently to ban Critical Race Theory from its classrooms. 

And of course such a move is making leftists in the People’s Republic of California go insane. 

The resolution passed stated:

The TVUSD desires to uplift and unite students by not imposing the responsibility of historical transgressions in the past and instead will engage students of all cultures in age-appropriate critical thinking that helps students navigate the past, present, and future.

Only a radical leftist would be against this resolution. 

Hopefully more parents and voters wake up and realize what is going on in their school before their own children grow up to hate their guts. 

Deplorable Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

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