A shocking new poll left Joe Biden realizing he made the biggest mistake of his life

Sep 5, 2023

There are no two ways around it.

Joe Biden and the Democrats are in deep trouble.

And that’s because a shocking new poll left Joe Biden realizing he made the biggest mistake of his life.

Joe Biden’s gamble to rely on Democrat prosecutors, judges, and juries to stage show trials to convict Donald Trump on politically motivated charges continues to backfire on the Left.

Polling data in the wake of the indictments shows that Donald Trump is gaining strength in both the GOP Primary and the General Election.

A Wall Street Journal poll taken in the aftermath of both Trump releasing his mugshot and the first Republican debate showed him doubling his lead over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to 46 points.

DeSantis’ support completely collapsed after GOP voters rallied around Trump as their best bet to defeat Joe Biden.

“The new survey finds that what was once a two-man race for the nomination has collapsed into a lopsided contest in which Trump, for now, has no formidable challenger. The former President is the top choice of 59% of GOP Primary voters, up 11 percentage points since April, when the Journal tested a slightly different field of potential and declared candidates,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

“Trump’s lead over his top rival, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, has nearly doubled since April to 46 percentage points. At 13% support, DeSantis is barely ahead of the rest of the field, none of whom has broken out of single-digit support,” the Journal also reported.

Democrats were not bothered by Trump using their indictments to strengthen his position as the GOP frontrunner.

The Left’s gamble was that the indictments would further bind GOP voters to Trump while simultaneously repelling General Election swing voters.

Democrats got some bad news on that front.

The Wall Street Journal poll shows Trump leading Biden 40 to 39 percent when Green Party Cornel West was included and found him tied with Biden 46 to 46 in a head-to-head matchup.

“The survey also found Trump running about dead-even with President Biden among voters overall in a hypothetical rematch of the 2020 election, with low interest among voters for two third-party candidates. Trump had 40% support to 39% for Biden, with potential Green Party and Libertarian candidates drawing a combined 3%. A significant share—some 17%—were undecided,” the Journal’s report continued.

“In a head-to-head test that excluded other candidates, Trump and Biden were tied, with 46% each and 8% undecided,” the Journal wrote of its poll.

In a poll taken entirely after Donald Trump released his mugshot, he surged four points to take a lead over Joe Biden in an Economist/YouGuv Survey.

The Democrat Party’s theory of the case was that Joe Biden could draft prosecutors to work on behalf of his campaign to indict Trump and thus shift the focus from his failures in office to Trump’s legal woes.

But the American people see inflation still crushing their paychecks, the southern border wide open, crime out of control in Democrat-run cities, the risk of nuclear war with Russia increasing; and are comparing Joe Biden’s time in office unfavorably to that of Donald Trump.

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