A top Democrat adviser just went on CNN and made the most insane excuse yet for skyrocketing inflation

Jun 17, 2022

Inflation is cruising along at 40-year highs with no signs of improvement anytime in the near future.

Polls show that skyrocketing food and gas prices are a top concern for voters in the 2022 Midterms this fall.

And now a top Democrat adviser just went on CNN and made the most insane excuse yet for skyrocketing inflation.

Bidenflation soars to new heights

Gas prices have skyrocketed under President Joe Biden, reaching an all-time national high for the 18th consecutive day on Wednesday.

And it was the sixth consecutive day that the average national gas price has been over $5 per gallon.

Joe Biden and the Democrats refuse to accept any responsibility for record-high gas prices, instead blaming it on everything from Russian President Vladimir Putin to oil companies to “insurrectionist” Trump supporters.

But during a Tuesday interview on CNN’s “The Lead,” DNC Senior Adviser Cedric Richmond gave host Jake Tapper the most outrageous excuse yet for skyrocketing inflation.

“Economists were predicting that all of the money being injected into the U.S. economy in 2020 and 2021 could help cause inflation,” Jake Tapper said. “Doesn’t President Biden bear some responsibility for how bad things are?”

“No,” Richmond snapped back.

Richmond then claimed President Biden’s so-called “three-pronged plan” helped get the economy moving in the right direction during the pandemic.

“Jake, if you look at the President’s three-pronged plan in the beginning, it was to pass the American Rescue Plan so we could get shots in arms, get schools back open, get the economy open and not shut down again, which all happened,” Richmond said. “And then it was to go do the bipartisan infrastructure bill so that we could finally start investing in American infrastructure, creating jobs right here in the United States, jobs that pay well.”

“And then the third prong was to reduce those household costs, the cost of health care, the cost of elder care, the cost of child care, and continue to bring household costs down,” Richmond continued, before claiming that “all of the economists said if we passed the last portion of it, it would do that.”

The buck never stops with Biden

The problem, according to the former Louisiana Congressman, is that Republicans stood in the way of allowing Democrats to pass the third prong of President Biden’s plan into law in the form of a multi-trillion-dollar socialist spending bill.

“But the Republican opposition just for the sake of opposition to legislation that would bring household costs down is what’s continuing to spark it,” Richmond claimed in an attempt to blame Republicans for skyrocketing inflation.

In a surprising move, leftist host Jake Tapper called out Richmond for trying to place the blame at the feet of the Republican Party when the Democrats control the entire federal government.

“Well, you’re blaming that on Republicans, but Democrats control the Senate, and it was two Democrats, Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin of West Virginia, who actually blocked that,” Tapper fired back. “Yes, the Republicans are not participating or cooperating at all. But if you’re blaming it on Republicans, then is it also not the fault of Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin that there’s inflation?”

Richmond attempted to deflect the question, instead responding once again that “united Republican opposition” to Joe Biden’s agenda is the reason why food and gas prices are soaring.

Even though Democrats are trying to shift the blame to anyone but Joe Biden, polls show the majority of voters believe he bears, at the very least, some of the responsibility for the crisis.

And skyrocketing gas prices are one of the many factors setting Democrats up for a bloodbath in November.

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