A top Democrat called Joe Biden’s open border policy one word that caught everyone off guard

Feb 15, 2023

Almost all Americans agree that the situation at the southern border is a disaster.

The only people who disagree are Democrats and radical leftists.

But a top Democrat called Joe Biden’s open border policy one word that caught everyone off guard. 

Anyone with common sense or a little bit of knowledge knows the crisis at the southern border is a total disaster.

Illegal aliens, drugs, weapons, criminals, and terrorists 

The border has become a launching point for the worst of the worst to enter the United States unchecked.

The crisis has gotten markedly worse since Joe Biden took office by every statistic possible.

Fentanyl and other illegal and deadly drugs are flooding into the country and killing tens of thousands of Americans.

Criminals and gangs are streaming across the border, bringing violence and death with them.

Human trafficking is now at its highest level ever.

And even terrorists are walking across the unprotected border, leaving Americans more vulnerable than ever to attack.

Of course, there is also the economic toll of millions of illegal aliens who receive taxpayer-funded medical care, food, shelter, and even legal aid.

As Ron Paul used to famously say, “you can’t have open borders in a welfare state.”

Now even some top Democrats are speaking out

It’s so bad now that even some leading Democrats are starting to decry Biden’s open border fiasco.

Sheriffs, mayors, and other local elected officials from border states have been speaking out against Biden’s policies.

Even a few Democrat Congressmen from Texas and Arizona have come out in opposition to the Biden border plan.

And now, more top Democrats from around the country are speaking out.

Former Democrat New York Governor, and leftist hero Andrew Cuomo, recently blamed the crisis at the border on President Joe Biden’s failed policies.

Cuomo also admitted that the “southern states were right,” according to a New York Post report.

On a recent episode of Cuomo’s podcast, Matter of Fact, the former Governor blasted Biden for opening the southern border without having a plan to handle the huge spike in illegal aliens entering the United States.

Cuomo accused Joe Biden and his administration of failing to fully understand the “consequences of enacting those promises.” 

Cuomo was referring to Biden’s reversal of border restrictions enacted by former President Donald Trump.

Last August, the Biden administration unceremoniously ended Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols program, known as the “Remain in Mexico” program.

This program required illegal immigrants to return to Mexico while waiting for their immigration proceedings.

“It was a mistake for President Biden to open the border without having a plan to handle the tremendous flow of people,” Cuomo stated. 

“President Biden had said he would do it in the campaign — but you can’t change a policy unless you have the program in place to manage the change,” Cuomo added.

“Talk the talk, now walk the walk”

Cuomo further stated that “the southern states were right that opening the border created a tremendous hardship for them to handle. They were right that the federal government was not prepared.” 

Cuomo then sharply criticized current New York Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul for not doing enough to help New York City Mayor Eric Adams handle the increase of illegal aliens entering the Big Apple.

Since last spring, 43,000 illegal aliens have entered New York City and some 28,000 illegal aliens have taken shelter in 83 hotels, five relief centers, and at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.

“New York City should never have accepted responsibility on its own. The mayor should have said that New York state needed to handle the problem,” Cuomo said.

“State officials and legislators all proclaim they support immigration,” he added. “So let them now accept the responsibility. Talk the talk, now walk the walk, house them in your neighborhood.”

Cuomo also argued that the federal government needs to step up efforts both at the border and in aiding Central American nations with more aid.

Leave it to a Democrat to push more foreign aid in a discussion on the border crisis.

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