A top Democrat just FLIPPED on Joe Biden against Donald Trump

Feb 8, 2023

Joe Biden was not expecting this bad news.

It could not come at a worse time.

And this top Democrat just flipped on Joe Biden against Donald Trump.

Joe Biden tried to shed blame for allowing a Communist Chinese spy balloon to fly across the entire United States by leaking to the media that on three previous occasions Chinese spy balloons briefly traveled across the U.S. during Donald Trump’s Presidency.

Multiple former Trump officials – including those that hate Trump like former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and former National Security Advisor John Bolton – said they were never aware of these flights.

Even Democrats were not buying Joe Biden’s spin.

California Democrat Congressman Ro Khanna appeared on CNBC and dismissed claims the previous Communist Chinese spy balloon incursions were similar to the current fiasco noting those balloons were over the U.S. for a matter of minutes.

Khanna called the latest spy balloon flight “escalatory” since the balloon was blatantly in view for all to see.

Khanna explained that “it looks like it happened a number of times before. But the China Committee is going to get a full briefing from the relevant administration officials so we can get the facts. The point is, though, that this is unnecessarily escalatory for China and they have a lot to lose. I mean, we’ve got a 400 billion trade deficit with China, that means we have far more leverage. They need us to buy things from them. Their economy is far more dependent on us. For them to take these kind of escalatory measures is not in their self-interest. And we need to be very, very clear that this is unacceptable.”

Khanna did try to provide some defense for Biden shooting down the balloon over the Atlantic Ocean but even that fell flat.

“I think the signal to China is, we will shoot it down at our own choosing, whenever we want, but don’t underestimate us and we’re going to listen to the military and they would draw the exact wrong lesson if they thought this was some kind of weakness. I do think this was different than previous balloons. We can’t have a balloon traverse the entire continental United States without having consequences,” Khanna added.

But the message Communist China will take away from this incident is that there are no consequences for violating American air space as Biden allowed the spy balloon to complete its mission before taking the futile step of shooting down the spy craft.

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