A top Democrat just got busted in this massive voter fraud scheme

Jan 6, 2023

Mistakes in elections always run one way.

But the latest election integrity coverup is collapsing.

And a top Democrat just got busted in this massive voter fraud scheme.

In October, Colorado’s Democrat Secretary of State Jena Griswold mailed fliers to 30,000 noncitizens urging them to register to vote.

The Associated Press reported, “Colorado’s secretary of state office says it mistakenly sent postcards to about 30,000 noncitizens encouraging them to register to vote, blaming the error on a database glitch related to the state’s list of residents with driver’s licenses . . .”

“. . . Griswold’s office said in a statement the postcards were mailed Sept. 7. The error happened after department employees compared a list of names of 102,000 people provided by the Electronic Registration Information Center, a bipartisan, multistate organization devoted to voter registration, to a database of Colorado residents issued driver’s licenses,” the AP continued.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation is investigating the matter and found that Griswold’s office refused to provide the names of the noncitizens who received the voter registration flier in the mail.

This lack of transparency could have sinister intentions, as the Public Legal Foundation notes, because if these noncitizens actually ended up voting it would be a crime.

By not turning over the names of the noncitizens who received these mailers the Colorado Secretary of State impeded the ability of law enforcement to investigate if any illegal voting took place.

“No records reveal that Deputy Secretary of State Beall was ever forthcoming about the “potential legal issues” associated with his office offering voter registration materials to foreign citizens. One possibility is that some of the foreign citizens could have committed an election crime by registering to vote. It be would a federal crime for a foreign citizen to vote in the 2022 election. When the Secretary of State of Colorado did not disclose to county election officials the names of the foreigners offered voter registration materials by her office, she hid the ability of the public and law enforcement from ascertaining whether, indeed, foreigners did register to vote as a result of being urged to do so by the Colorado Secretary of State,” a Public Interest Legal Foundation statement on the matter read.

Election integrity is a fundamental issue.

Americans must have confidence in elections to allow the experiment in self-governance to continue.

Democrats continuing to cover up election mistakes and scandals will only raise more questions about electoral results.

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