A top Democrat just revealed what everyone really says in private about Joe Biden

Mar 3, 2023

As President, Joe Biden should be the leader of the Democrat Party.

But that is not actually the case.

And a top Democrat just revealed what everyone really says in private about Joe Biden.

Minnesota Democrat Congressman Dean Phillips is one of the few members of the Party willing to publicly admit they prefer someone other than Joe Biden in 2024.

Phillips told the left-wing Atlantic Magazine that his desire for more candidates in 2024 is “not a knock on Joe Biden, just a wish for competition.”

Congressman Phillips justified his desire for an open Primary in 2024 on the basis of Joe Biden’s poor approval ratings, which according to the Real Clear Politics polling average sits at 44 percent.

“In the business world if the dominant brand in a category had favorability ratings like the current President does, you would see a number of established brands jump into that category,” Phillips declared.

Philips made it clear that he was no lone wolf and virtually every Democrat in Congress felt the same way.

“Believe me, there are literally hundreds in Congress who would say the same thing. But they simply won’t f****** say a word,” Phillips added.

In the 2020 election, Joe Biden’s calling card was his contention that he was the strongest candidate to defeat Donald Trump.

Democrats did not love Joe Biden and tried to cast about for anyone other than him to seize the nomination and show they could beat Trump.

But at the end of the day, Democrats fell in line behind Biden.

However, the party rank and file never fell in love with Biden.

Democrats feel more comfortable speaking out against Biden because new polls show Trump beating him.

A Harvard/Harris poll found Trump leading Biden by five points and a new Emerson survey showed Trump beating him by four points.

Democrats know Biden will turn 82 in 2024.

The Party never fully embraced Biden in the first place and always treated him as a caretaker.

If Biden can’t show he can beat Trump, there is no reason for Democrats to support him, as he is not an ideological figure leading a movement nor is he an identity politics candidate who represents a major voting bloc in the Democrat Party.

As Biden keeps pushing off announcing his 2024 plans, the more polls showing Trump beating him will only cause more Democrats to speak out against the idea of him running again in 2024.

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