A top Democrat revealed who they’re terrified of Donald Trump picking as his running mate

Jun 19, 2024

Donald Trump has a wide range of options to pick from for his running mate.

But there’s one that Democrats don’t want to see.

And a top Democrat revealed who they’re terrified of Donald Trump picking as his running mate.

Kamala Harris says J.D. Vance would pose a threat to her

The rumors are swirling about who former President Donald Trump could pick as his running mate.

Vice President Kamala Harris’ former communications director Ashley Etienne told CNN’s Laura Coates that U.S. Senator J.D. Vance (R-OH) is the pick that would give her old boss fits in a debate.

“One of the things we’re hearing from The New York Times — it’s actually reporting that Donald Trump is thinking about debate performances as who he considers,” Coates said.

“J.D. Vance would . . . pose the greatest threat to Kamala Harris in some respects. I mean, he’s an incredible debater,” Etienne said. “I think he has this quality that makes him seem palpable to that 1 to 2% that actually might vote or that, you know, that’s undecided that will actually pay attention to the debates because most people don’t pay attention to the debates.”

Vance has emerged as one of Trump’s top surrogates on the campaign trail this year for his quick-on-his-feet media performances. 

“I think he’s just got a quality about him where he’s just super smart and sharp and quick-witted,” Etienne added. “I just think . . . it’s going to be a challenge to see the two of them face-to-face. I mean, maybe it’s just me, but I think he’s going to be the greatest threat to her.”

Etienne had to pump her former boss after praising Vance.

“It says to me that to some degree that they think that she’s somewhat of a threat,” Etienne said of Harris. “I mean, she’s a former prosecutor. She spent time in courts defending her clients and defending the interests of California. So, to me, it says, you know, that he might be slightly nervous.”

Vance would make quick work of a lightweight like Harris in a Vice Presidential debate.

J.D. Vance is a grassroots favorite

Vance is most ideologically aligned with Trump of all the major contenders to be his running mate.

The first-term Ohio Senator has become one of the strongest fighters for the former President’s agenda in Congress.

And he’s become the most popular option to be Trump’s running mate with conservative grassroots.

Vance won the straw poll at Turning Point Action’s People’s Convention in Michigan with 43%.

The other choices were North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum and U.S. Senators Tim Scott (R-SC) and Marco Rubio (R-FL). 

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk called him one of Trump’s “most capable and articulate defenders and surrogates.”

“He has consistently been one of President Trump’s most capable and articulate defenders and surrogates and he speaks right to the Midwest Americans who attended our Detroit conference,” Kirk said.

Kirk added that Vance would be able to speak to voters in the crucial swing states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

There’s no denying that J.D. Vance would give Donald Trump a fighter on the ticket with him.

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