A top House Democrat claims Congress can’t investigate the DOJ for this bizarre reason

Jan 13, 2023

Democrats in Congress have spent the past six years investigating Donald Trump and his administration.

But when it comes to the Biden administration, they have blinders on.

Now this top House Democrat even claims Congress can’t investigate the DOJ for this bizarre reason.

Democrats and some Never-Trumpers in the GOP have investigated every aspect of Donald Trump, his family, his supporters, and his administration.

Of course, they’ve found nothing, but that was never the point.

Meanwhile they have turned a blind eye to the rampant corruption and likely illegal activities of Joe Biden’s administration.

We can’t be “opening up all kinds of suspicions about the institutions in our society”

Americans already don’t trust many of our federal government agencies.

The IRS has been one of the least-trusted organizations since the day it was created.

And the DOJ and FBI have done their very best over the past decade to make sure they are at least as untrustworthy.

They even helped Congress launch multiple fraudulent investigations into the Trump administration.

But now, when Republicans have taken back control of the House, all of the sudden it’s no longer acceptable to investigate the executive branch.

At least according to Congressman James Clyburn (D-SC), one of the leading House Democrats.

He claims Congress cannot be opening up suspicions about the institutions in our society, especially the executive branch.

Clyburn appeared recently on MSNBC’s The Last Word where he said, “I don’t know what it takes for people not to understand that this is a democracy. This is a body of the Congress that we are trying to maintain credibility with, and we’re not going to do that by opening up all kinds of suspicions about the institutions in our society.”

Clyburn was referring to GOP plans to launch full-scale investigations into the FBI and DOJ over their activities and collusion with Twitter, the Biden campaign, and the Democrat Party.

Who will investigate the investigators?

In essence, what Clyburn is claiming is that Congress, which has been investigating the Trump administration since 2016, can’t investigate the Biden administration.

And his reasoning is truly bizarre given that as a leader in the Congressional Black Caucus Clyburn has been out in front demanding reforms to law enforcement.

It seems just not when it involves Democrat law enforcement.

“I know a little bit about the institutions not being trusted. We need to build trust in these institutions, and you cannot do that by opening up investigations into the investigations that are, in fact, taking place. That’s exactly what they’re talking about doing. They want to investigate the investigations that are underway by the Justice Department that ought to be independent of all that we do here. That is part of the administration, and we ought not be interfering with the Justice Department doing its work,” Clyburn said.

Heaven forbid we “interfere” with the Justice Department

Clyburn was firm in his belief that the Department of Justice must be above any investigation.

And the South Carolina Congressman made it clear there should, in his opinion, be no congressional “interference” even though Clyburn himself pushed investigations into the executive branch when Donald Trump was in charge.

But now that his boy Joe Biden is President, Clyburn is whistling a different tune.

He now believes the DOJ and its investigations are “part of the administration, and we ought not be interfering with the Justice Department doing its work.”

Sorry Congressman, the DOJ and FBI are not above the law, and are in need of full investigations or even defunding altogether.

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