A top law enforcement official sounded the alarm on this massive failure by Joe Biden

May 5, 2023

Joe Biden is an absolute disaster for the country.

The biggest crisis of his Presidency is coming down the pike.

And a top law enforcement official sounded the alarm on this massive failure by Joe Biden.

The border crisis unleashed by President Joe Biden is set to spiral out-of-control with the expiration of Title 42.

Title 42 is a public health policy implemented during the Trump administration that gives authorities the ability to quickly expel illegal aliens to protect the country from the pandemic.

A tsunami of illegal aliens are set to cross the border once the policy expires.

The Biden regime is signaled that they expect a surge on the border by deploying 1,500 soldiers to help Border Patrol with administrative tasks.

The chaos at the border will be a gift from Biden to the Mexican drug cartels.

Cartels are set to take complete control of the border

Brandon Judd, the President of National Border Patrol Council, said Mexican drug cartels will be in control of the country’s southern border once Title 42 goes away.

During an interview with Just the News, No Noise, he predicted that all hell is going to break loose at the border.

“Once Title 42 goes away and the explosion happens, they’re going to control our entire southwest border,” Judd said, referring to the cartels. “When they do that, that’s when [the cartels] are going to be able to bring in all of their products such as the fentanyl, the dangerous drugs, the criminal aliens, and the aliens from special interest countries. All of that is going to go up and it’s going to be Americans that are going to pay for it.”

The cartels have capitalized on Biden’s open borders agenda to flood the country with record amounts of fentanyl and turn human trafficking into a multibillion-dollar operation.

Border Patrol will be overwhelmed

Judd said that the expiration of Title 42 would leave an already-overstretched Border Patrol at the brink.

“If we’re apprehending 5,000 people, then we have about 50% of our resources on the border,” Judd explained. “Right now, we’re apprehending 7,700 people every single day. That means only about 35% to 40% of our resources aren’t on the border. Once that number goes up even more, once Title 42 goes away, we’re going to be down to about 10% of our resources.”

According to Judd, the number of illegal aliens apprehended at the border each day could more than double once Title 42 expires.

“It’s a minimum of 11,000,” he explained. “But we could see up to 16,000. It just depends on how the cartels go out and advertise their services. If the cartels are very aggressive in advertising their services, that number could go up to 16,000 but we will see a minimum of 11,000 people per day.”

16,000 illegal aliens per day would be like the population of Atlanta, Georgia, attempting to cross the border every month.

The border crisis is set to enter a dangerous new phase once Title 42 expires.

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