A top Obama official took everyone by surprise with these three words about Donald Trump

Mar 3, 2023

Democrats loathe Donald Trump more than any other Republican.

But one bold move by the former President flipped the script.

And a top Obama official took everyone by surprise with these three words about Donald Trump.

The bumbling incompetence of President Joe Biden’s regime was on full display during the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio.

After toxic chemicals were sent into the air and the water supply, potentially threatening several states, the regime was caught asleep at the switch.

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg waited ten days to comment on the disaster.

Instead, he attended a woke conference to whine about the number of white men working in the construction industry.

Joe Biden made a surprise visit to Ukraine to announce more military aid for the country on Presidents’ Day.

Former President Donald Trump stepped up and visited the beleaguered Ohio city before Biden or any top official from his regime did.

Trump brought pallets of bottled water and cleaning supplies to help residents with their recovery from the disaster.

The former President met with residents and cleanup crews to hear their concerns.

While the Biden regime was dropping the ball, Trump showed true leadership with his visit to East Palestine.

Trump’s trip shamed Buttigieg into visiting the town and the federal government into approving disaster relief that had been initially denied.

By going to East Palestine, Trump put the spotlight on the Biden regime’s botched response and forced their hand to step up and help the residents.

The trip was a glimpse of real leadership that the country lost after Joe Biden occupied the White House.

Top Obama advisor praises Trump for East Palestine trip

Jennifer Palmieri served as the White House Director of Communications under former President Barack Obama.

During an appearance on MSNBC, she stunned everyone by praising Trump for his trip to East Palestine and wondered why Biden hadn’t gone.

Palmieri said that Trump’s bold move to visit the town “struck a chord” with the public.

“Trump has struck a chord with this, though, I have to say, you know, he was, when he went to East Palestine last week,” Palmieri said. “He was better than we had seen in other more recent times where all he does is complain about himself. In East Palestine, he was, you know, he was advocating on behalf of the people that were there, aggrieved on their behalf, not aggrieved on his own behalf.”

The trip was a chance for Trump to show off his leadership skills and his unique ability to connect with the public.

Even a former Obama official is conceding that the visit was a big success.

Palmieri said that Biden needed to make a visit to the hard-hit town.

“You know, the area of Ohio is, it’s a tough one, but I think it’s for Democrats but for the administration, you’ve got to go. Biden should show up at some point as well.”

East Palestine overwhelmingly went for Trump in the 2020 election, leading to speculation that politics played a factor in Biden’s indifference towards the town.

“Like you just, there’s not a lot of political payoff for that area, but there’s a responsibility, and the rest of us want to see that the administration is doing everything they can,” Palmieri concluded.

Donald Trump’s trip to East Palestine was the former President at his best and a glimpse of the leadership that could be returning to the White House.

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