A top Republican in Congress just dropped the hammer on the FBI for doing this one despicable thing to Americans

Mar 6, 2023

Federal agencies like the Justice Department and the FBI have been weaponized against conservatives.

But that could change now that Republicans control the House.

And a top Republican in Congress just dropped the hammer on the FBI for doing this one despicable thing to Americans.

Federal Government vs. We the People

The Founders set up the federal government to protect the freedom of the American people.

But in recent years, the federal bureaucracy has become nothing more than a puppet for the Left.

Instead of focusing on defending the country, the military is more concerned with promoting gender equity.

Meanwhile, the Internal Revenue Service is teaching their new agents how to use weapons and arrest American citizens.

And as we saw with President Trump on numerous occasions, the Department of Justice is only worried about going after those who question the bureaucracy in Washington, D.C.

Unfortunately, the FBI is no different.

Chip Roy goes head on against the FBI

The FBI used to be one of the most trusted institutions in America.

But as we’ve seen with every other federal institution, the FBI has collapsed within itself as it fills its ranks with agents who have questionable and biased viewpoints.

Last year, parent Scott Smith was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction of justice for attending a school board meeting and voicing his opinion in Loudoun County, Virginia.

Smith had every right to be mad and upset at the meeting, as his daughter was allegedly raped by a boy wearing a skirt in the girls bathroom at Stone Bridge High School.

Because of how he reacted to members of the Loudoun County School Board not caring about his daughter being raped, Smith was labeled as a domestic terrorist by the National School Boards Association and the FBI.

Congressman Chip Roy (R-TX) called out the FBI during a House Judiciary Committee and rebuked the out of control agency.

“My colleagues on the other side of the aisle can continue to try to divide us up by race while we focus on an FBI that made Scott Smith a poster child as a ‘domestic terrorist and extremist,’” Roy said. “Scott Smith was called a domestic terrorist and extremist because he dared go to a school board to defend his little girl who was raped in a bathroom in Loudoun County, Virginia.”

Chip Roy continued his comments to the delight of conservatives around the nation who have witnessed the FBI grow into the enforcement wing of the Democrat Party.

“Why was that door busted down?” Roy said about the recent forceful arrest of pro-life activist Mark Houck. “Because he defended his son where he and his son exercised their First Amendment right outside of an abortion clinic praying in defense of the unborn. So, I will just say, an apology to the American people for wasting your time with the continued garbage that we’ve been experiencing for the last four years with Democrats in the majority. But we’re gonna focus on doing the work of the American people.”

We need more Republicans who are willing to openly call out agencies like the FBI for targeting innocent Americans.

Because if no one calls them out and holds them accountable, then they will just become more emboldened to go after even more Americans.

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