A whistleblower is sitting on this smoking gun that will “bury” Hunter Biden

Feb 28, 2023

Hunter Biden could have more political and legal trouble on his hands.

His former associates are turning on him.

And now a whistleblower is sitting on this smoking gun that will “bury” Hunter Biden.

Interpol arrested Gal Luft, co-director of the Washington, D.C.-based Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, in Cyprus on charges of trafficking arms to Libya and Communist China.

Luft told the Israeli media outlet Ynet that the arrest was politically motivated revenge over the fact that in 2019 he turned over documents and evidence against Hunter Biden to the FBI.

“My only ‘sin’ is that in March 2019, before the U.S. Presidential elections, I brought to the FBI incriminating information about the business of U.S. President Joe Biden’s family with China and about a corruption case at the top of the FBI,” Luft stated.

Luft worked as an advisor to Hunter Biden on a potential business deal with CEFC – a Chinese energy company that critics contend is a front for Communist Chinese intelligence services.

This was the deal where Hunter Biden emailed his partners and told them to hold “10 percent for the big guy” – who everyone understood to be Joe Biden.

Luft’s attorney Mordechai Tzivin added that the evidence he has will “bury” Hunter Biden and lead investigators to Joe Biden.

“[He] knows a lot of information on Hunter. The [Congress] only recently began to investigate Hunter’s case and Gal’s testimony [if he is allowed to testify] will bury Hunter Biden,” Tzivin told the Post. “Even more so, his testimony will shift the attention toward the President himself.”

In an exclusive interview with Newsmax, California Republican Congressman Darrel Issa said now was the time for whistleblowers to come forward with whatever incriminating evidence they have on the Biden family’s corruption.

“One never knows where whistleblowers, concerned individuals and the critical information they provide will be found next. But we must always be ready — especially as we uncover more and more Biden family corruption — to receive evidence that advances the cause of accountability and oversight,” Issa declared.

Republicans on the House Oversight Committee are currently running an investigation into whether or not Communist China compromised Joe Biden through business deals with Hunter Biden.

If Luft has the evidence he claims to have, it could prove to be the smoking gun Republicans need to take down the Biden crime family.

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