Adam Schiff just found out he is in legal trouble from one unlikely source

Jan 12, 2023

California Congressman Adam Schiff’s been a thorn in the side of Donald Trump and America First conservatives for years.

Schiff was one of the ringleaders spreading lies about the Russian collusion hoax.

And Adam Schiff just found out he is in legal trouble from one unlikely source.

One of the bombshell discoveries from Elon Musk’s Twitter Files was the revelation that Adam Schiff illegally pressured Twitter to censor the account of RealClearInvestigations’ senior reporter and New York Post columnist Paul Sperry’s account.

“Remove any and all content about Mr. Misko and other Committee staff from its service- to include quotes, retweets, and reactions to that content,” a member of Schiff’s office wrote to Twitter about Sperry and other critical journalists. “Suspend the many accounts, including @GregRubini and @paulsperry, which have repeatedly promoted false QAnon conspiracies.”

Sperry reported on the fact that the identity of the whistleblower who kicked off the Ukraine impeachment hoax was CIA employee Eric Ciaramella.

In an interview on Brian Kilmeade’s Fox News radio show Sperry addressed his unjust banning from Twitter at what was the behest of Schiff.

Sperry said Schiff flew off the handle over the fact that Sperry’s reporting exposed the fact that Schiff’s impeachment gambit over Ukraine was nothing more than a partisan sham.

“So, Schiff didn’t like the fact I outed his anonymous whistleblower as a partisan Democrat — he’s a holdover from the Obama White House working in the Trump White House. And [Schiff] also didn’t like the fact that I exposed the whistleblower’s prior relationship with the key member of Schiff’s impeachment staff,” Sperry stated.

“So, I was kind of a thorn in Schiff’s side, and he was angry,” Sperry added.

Sperry blasted Schiff for trying to suppress legitimate reporting that undermined a political narrative Schiff tried to push about Trump.

“My stories went viral on Twitter, and he tried to silence me and remove content, which is outrageous censorship by a powerful government official. He was the head of the House Intelligence [Committee] at the time, and he was sworn to protect the First Amendment and free speech and the press,” Sperry continued.

Finally, Sperry said he and his lawyers were looking at all their legal options including suing Schiff for defamation.

“We are exploring legal options, including defamation,” Sperry concluded.

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