Adam Schiff just made one big mistake that Alvin Bragg will quickly regret

Apr 20, 2023

Democrats circled the wagons around Soros-funded Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

This did not turn out well.

And Adam Schiff just made one big mistake that Alvin Bragg will quickly regret.

Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee held a field hearing in New York City to highlight District Attorney Bragg’s soft-on-crime policies.

Among the witnesses called was a woman named Madeline Brame.

Bragg dismissed murder charges against two of the men who beat and stabbed her son – a U.S. Army veteran – to death.

Schiff and the Democrats know that Soros-backed prosecutors not enforcing the law is politically toxic with voters.

That’s why Schiff and his allies tried to distract from the main message by turning the hearing into a referendum on Donald Trump.

“Jim Jordan took the circus out on the road,” Schiff said in an interview on MSNBC.

Schiff – who led several witch hunts into Donald Trump – then claimed Republicans had no jurisdiction over a local prosecutor.

“It just shows what a political stunt it is, and there is no legislative purpose involved. They’re not only hurting their legal cause. But they are really doing what they have done for years now, it’s trying to serve as Donald Trump’s criminal defense lawyers,” Schiff added.

When asked to explain why Republicans had no basis to hold oversight over Bragg, Schiff claimed it was because the federal government had no authority over how local prosecutors enforce state law.

“Absolutely and I served as a federal prosecutor for almost six years. This is unprecedented. You never have a situation where the Congress of the United States decides that a local prosecutor is engaged in a case that Congress does not like, so therefore Congress is going to investigate the prosecutor. That never happens because there is a separation of powers and responsibilities. Local authorities have the power to enforce local and state laws and the Congress has no jurisdiction. They have no power to interfere with that,” Schiff concluded.

But by making that argument, Schiff undercut the entire basis of Bragg’s case against Trump.

If the federal government has no authority over state law, then local prosecutors have no authority to enforce federal law.

However, Bragg’s indictment of Donald Trump depends on bootstrapping a misdemeanor up to a felony by claiming he violated federal campaign finance law.

In Adam Schiff’s zeal to defend Bragg, he actually explained why a judge should toss the charges against Trump.

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