Al Gore blew a gasket when Mississippi passed a bill restricting electric car dealerships

Mar 10, 2023

The race to force electric vehicles (EVs) on all Americans has hit a major roadblock.

More and more states are hitting the brakes on electric vehicles.

And Al Gore blew a gasket when Mississippi passed a bill restricting electric car dealerships.

It was a shocking development to say the least.

A level playing field

The Mississippi Senate recently passed a bill to restrict electric car manufacturers from opening new brick-and-mortar dealerships in the state unless they comply with the same laws traditional carmakers and dealerships follow.

The legislation, introduced in the House by Republican Representative Trey Lamar, already passed the House and now heads to Republican Governor Tate Reeves.

Reeves has not yet indicated whether he will sign it or not.

However, the bill sparked some good debate among Republicans in the State Senate.

GOP opponents of the bill said it would betray conservative principles by letting the government interfere with the automobile market.

Other opponents said the legislation would, if it becomes law, stop electric carmakers from bringing new technology and jobs to the Magnolia State.

However, supporters of the bill pointed out all the legislation really does is make sure there is a level playing field among the car manufacturers and dealerships.

Right now EVs can skirt state law

For example, Tesla sells vehicles in person at one facility in Mississippi.

That facility is classified as a store, not a car dealership.

It may not sound like a big deal, but under current Mississippi law that one distinction allows Tesla to operate outside state laws governing franchise businesses.

According to GOP State Senator Daniel Sparks, this exception, along with the prospect of more electric companies taking advantage of it, gives electric vehicle manufacturers special privileges that traditional automakers do not enjoy.

“We’re saying if you choose to have a brick-and-mortar dealership, you have to follow the same laws that everyone else has to follow,” Sparks said. “Please don’t tell me Tesla’s car doesn’t identify as a car.”

But there was some opposition to Sparks from his fellow Republicans.

Senator Brice Wiggins, a Republican from Pascagoula, said the legislation was a “protectionist” bill that came from traditional car dealers who are threatened by competition from electric carmakers.

And Republican Senator Joey Fillingane of Sumrall said the bill would cause Mississippi to fall behind other states in the race to attract the big dollars from electric car companies.

“Maybe we just like being last all the time. Maybe it’s a badge of honor — we’re the last ones to change,” Fillingane said. “If we’re not careful … we could deprive our citizens of opportunities they really ought not to be deprived of.”

In a perfect world…

The Biden administration, of course, has been working to incentivize the purchase of electric vehicles.

Sparks pointed out how those incentives, along with the exception to regulations under state franchise laws, allow electric carmakers to operate by a totally different set of rules.

This gives them an advantage in the competitive auto market, especially in these times of economic unrest.

In a perfect capitalist society, this type of legislation would never be needed since all of the restrictions and regulations would not exist.

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