Alina Habba spoke one truth that left Fani Willis wondering what hit her

Jun 10, 2024

Fani Willis’ lawfare against Donald Trump took a dramatic turn.

All hell is now breaking loose.

And Alina Habba spoke one truth that left Fani Willis wondering what hit her.

Court puts Trump trial in Georgia on hold

The Georgia Court of Appeals made it official.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ unconstitutional criminal prosecution of Donald Trump is on ice until at least after the Presidential election.

The Justices stayed all proceedings while a motion to disqualify Willis worked its way through the courts.

Trial Judge Scott McAfee allowed Willis to remain on the case despite ample evidence of allegations she financially benefited from hiring her lover Nathan Wade as special prosecutor on the case.

But McAfee allowed Trump and his co-defendants to appeal the decision.

Trump took that option.

Alina Habba reacts

In an appearance on Newsmax, Habba explained that this was a just outcome as the case was a sham from the start.

“She’s fallen on her fanny since the very beginning,” Habba declared.

“This has completely been a disaster. It was a fake case to start with. Her arrogance, her demeanor has been incredibly telling,” Habba added.

Willis sought to create a criminal RICO conspiracy out of Donald Trump asking for a recount and taking steps to preserve his ability to mount legal challenges to the results in Georgia.

Just like Alvin Bragg, Willis invented a fake set of criminal charges by criminalizing lawful actions on the basis of being able to convince a jury full of Democrats that they can convict Trump solely on the basis that they think he’s a bad guy.

Habba said that Willis “took herself down in the most public display of chaos and disgrace.”

This referred to Willis’ appalling behavior on the witness stand, where Judge McAfee lectured her on her unprofessional conduct, where she ranted like a lunatic and attacked the lawyers questioning her.

There is also the question as to if Willis perjured herself when she claimed she reimbursed Wade back for the vacations he paid for.

Willis claimed she paid Wade back with untraceable cash she kept hidden in her house.

Witness testimony and cell phone records also cast doubt on the claim by Willis and Wade that their relationship didn’t begin until after Willis hired Wade to work the Trump case. 

Experts say Willis’ case imploded on her

Georgia State University College of Law Anthony Michael Kreis said in an interview with The Guardian that Willis had no one to blame for her case going down the tubes than herself.

“The history books will look back on what the country lost by not having a televised trial before November 2024, and historians will wonder what Fani Willis was thinking. And they’ll just scratch their heads,” Kreis stated.

Kreis explained that McAfee still had to confront questions of Presidential immunity and if a state prosecutor could try Trump for acts he took while President in state court, which a pre-election trial would be difficult under the best of circumstances.

“I don’t know how much Judge McAfee could have done between now and the appeal’s pendency anyway. But the real loss is McAfee’s ability to deal with the question of presidential immunity and the supremacy clause over the summer,” Kreis said.

But Willis’ appalling personal judgment made that impossible, and now Democrats are stuck with the fact that the only case that will go to trial before the election is Alvin Bragg’s show trial.

And polls are already showing the American people see through that farce and are paying the verdict no mind.

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