Alvin Bragg was seething with rage after he learned this hard truth about the Trump case

May 10, 2024

Alvin Bragg is trying to land a criminal conviction of Donald Trump in order to boost Joe Biden.

His scheme to take down the former President isn’t working out like he planned. 

And Alvin Bragg was seething with rage after he learned this hard truth about the Trump case.

Democrats banking on criminal conviction of Donald Trump to change the election

Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg brought a zombie case back from the dead to indict former President Donald Trump on 34 counts of falsifying business records.

Trump is being falsely accused of trying to hide a payment to Stormy Daniels as part of a non-disclosure agreement to influence the 2016 election.

This case was abandoned by his predecessor in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, Cy Vance, because it was too legally flimsy to pursue.

Bragg waited until last year to indict Trump after he announced that he was running for President.

The goal of Bragg and the other Democrat prosecutors who’ve brought criminal charges against Trump is to inflict the maximum amount of political damage.

President Joe Biden has no record of accomplishments to run on after running the country into the ground.

Democrats hoped that waging lawfare against Trump would deal him a fatal political blow.

But Bragg’s witch hunt isn’t having its intended effect on the American people.

Polling shows that Bragg’s criminal case is falling flat with the public

The criminal case against Trump is underway, but it hasn’t swayed public opinion against the former President.

His polling has remained relatively stable since the trial started.

And some polls suggest that  it won’t change the election even if the kangaroo court in Manhattan convicts him.

A recent Emerson College poll of the swing states that will decide the election – Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania – found that Bragg’s case is fizzling with voters.

The majority of voters in the poll said a criminal conviction in Manhattan wouldn’t change their support for Trump.

And a plurality of Independent voters surveyed in those states said that a criminal conviction would have “no impact” on their decision to support the former President.

Republican strategist Mark Weaver told the Daily Caller News Foundation that voters can see what Democrats are doing with Bragg’s case.

“Millions of Americans are hopping mad at this kangaroo court, and it shows in this recent polling data,” Weaver said. “When dozens of partisan players – most of whom are coordinating with the Biden White House or the Biden Justice Department – use taxpayer dollars and precious court resources to try and defeat Trump long before the voters can decide, it makes people understandably angry.”

A CNN/SSRS poll found that 76% of Trump voters said that a criminal conviction in Bragg’s case wouldn’t impact their vote.

Kentucky-based Republican strategist Scott Jennings – a protégé of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell – said world events will overshadow the Bragg case.

“A liberal prosecutor using a novel legal theory to pursue felony charges against the leader of the opposition party and keep him from campaigning? Pretty ridiculous, honestly,” Jennings said. “Far more consequential things are happening in the world. Biden has lost control of everything. And Democrats are out here trying to convict Trump for failing to file the proper paperwork. Give me a break.”

The Democrat scheme to win the election by beating Donald Trump in a courtroom is in shambles.

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