Alvin Bragg was stunned by this terrible truth about the fallout from the Trump verdict

Jun 10, 2024

The ramifications of Alvin Bragg’s criminal case are bigger than anyone imagined.

Convicting Donald Trump in a politically motivated case has serious consequences. 

And Alvin Bragg was stunned by this terrible truth about the fallout from the Trump verdict.

Donald Trump’s criminal conviction hurts New York’s reputation with businesses

Democrats have tried to bury former President Donald Trump under an avalanche of bogus criminal cases and civil lawsuits.

New York has tried to bankrupt Trump with a civil fraud lawsuit and throw him in jail with a criminal case.

Waging politically-motivated lawfare against Trump is sending a message loud and clear to the business community.

Anyone could be targeted by a weaponized justice system in New York who gets crosswise with the Democrats who run the state.

Billionaire businessman John Catsimatidis warned that the rule of law was gone in New York during an appearance on Fox Business.

“If they can do this to a business person like Donald Trump, they could do it to anybody in New York and a lot of businesses,” Catsimatidis said. “A lot of people are concerned that there is no rule of law.”

Catsimatidis described the shock and outrage that poured in after the Trump verdict came back from the rigged jury.

“The city was shocked. The country was shocked. The world was shocked, and it was just mind-boggling,” Catsimatidis recalled. “People texted me that they just got home and their wives were crying. We have to bring back the rule of law.”

Cardone Capital founder Grant Cardone wondered what chance he had if New York could do this to Donald Trump.

“If they can do this to Donald Trump, a former President, regardless of how you feel about the politics, if they can do this to a former President, what can they do to Grant Cardone?” Cardone asked. “What can they do to any other businessman?”

Real estate investor walks away from New York

Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary has warned that waging legal warfare against Trump would hurt New York’s brand with businesses from around the globe.

Becoming a banana republic to get the former President sent a signal that New York is a risky place to do business.

Cardone cut his business ties with New York after Trump was hammered with a $355 million judgment in the frivolous civil fraud case against him.

“I have 15,000 investors with me at Cardone Capital. We’ve raised $1.3 billion. If I went to them today and said, ‘I want to invest in New York City,’ they would not give me money to do that,” Cardone explained.

“That’s one of the greatest cities on planet Earth. And nobody wants to go there and do business,” Cardone added. “I blame the legal system. Clearly, the political system has been weaponized.”

He said that Cardone Capital redirected $500 million that was earmarked for real estate investments in New York to Florida.

“You just have too many other risks that, as a fiduciary of other people’s money, I can’t raise the rents, I can’t evict, I cannot predict the taxes,” Cardone said. “As great a city as New York City is, I need stability in the marketplace. And right now you have problems picking up the trash.”

Trying to destroy Donald Trump could end up ruining New York’s economy as businesses and investors shun the state.

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