Anthony Fauci made one confession about Joe Biden’s health that left everyone stunned

Jul 10, 2024

The questions are growing about Joe Biden’s physical and mental condition.

But one doctor close to the White House claims to have the answer. 

And Anthony Fauci made one confession about Joe Biden’s health that left everyone stunned. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci gives his opinion on Joe Biden’s mental fitness

President Joe Biden’s jaw-dropping performance at the first Presidential debate raised a fresh round of questions about his physical and mental health.

Democrats and their media allies couldn’t cover up that something was going on with Biden after the debacle.

The President tried to brush it off as a “bad night” during an interview with George Stephanopoulos.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is making the rounds in the media promoting his new book, On Call, about his career in public health.

He was asked about Biden’s debate performance during an interview with CBS News correspondent Major Garrett on The Takeout podcast.

“It just looked like a bad night because my interaction with him was what I described in the book,” Fauci said. “And what happened even subsequent to what I described in the book after I got out.” 

Fauci served as the White House senior medical adviser to Biden before he retired from the government in December 2022.

He continued the charade that Democrats and the media pushed before the debate that Biden was sharp as a tack in private.

“You know, he’s very probing his questions,” Fauci continued. “Very analytical. Very calm about things. When you go in to brief him, Major, you better really know your topic. Because he’s going to ask you very relevant questions. And he’s very reflective on things and just doesn’t jump out with conclusions or anything. But is very analytic. So, my interactions with him with him, I have to say, have been very, very positive.”

Fauci gives his thoughts on Biden’s debate performance

Garrett asked Fauci if he watched the debate and if he found anything about it “medically alarming.”

The doctor admitted he watched the debate but claimed it would be unfair to speculate on it.

“You know, I can’t say,” Fauci told Garrett. “I think it would be inappropriate to say that, Major, because when you’re just looking at someone on a one-shot basis, you just don’t know what could happen.”

The White House pushed a narrative after the debate that Biden’s 90-minute malfunction on the debate stage was caused by a cold.

“Did he have a bad cold?” Fauci wondered. “You know, did he, an, uh, an antihistamine to make him groggy or what have you? We don’t know what went on. And I think it would be unfair and inappropriate to try and diagnose something from just a 90-minute clip.”

But the cold narrative was called into question when Biden went into a packed Waffle House after the debate. 

Anthony Fauci continues to confirm that he has no credibility by claiming that Joe Biden is fit as a fiddle to continue serving as President. 

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