As millions of Americans suffered through the worst winter storm in a decade Biden ran off for vacation

Dec 30, 2022

Everyone knows that Joe Biden could care less about the American people. 

But even this blatant slap in the face to all Americans is a new low for the disgraced President of the United States. 

As millions of Americans suffered through the worst winter storm in a decade Biden ran off for vacation. 

Over his two years in office so far, Joe Biden has made it crystal clear that he could really care less about Americans. 

Biden doesn’t care about you

He ran on being a man of the people but instead he has turned out to be nothing more than a dictator looking to subdue and suppress as many freedoms we enjoy as he possibly can. 

Joe Biden has gone after your gun rights as he supported one of the biggest gun control bills ever passed through Congress thanks to the help of many RINO Republican Senators. 

And Joe Biden has taken many individual actions that have put the Left’s agenda before the American people. 

Just in recent weeks, the Biden Administration spent countless hours and manpower getting Brittney Griner back into the United States all while leaving a U.S. Marine stranded behind bars. 

But that was all because she’s a tool for the Left and he could really care less about other Americans being held in captivity by Russia. 

But of all the actions he has done in recent years, this is the worst by far, and it’s nothing but a slap in the face for millions of Americans.

Tens of millions of Americans have been suffering through one of the worst winter storms to hit this nation in recent memory. 

Snow and ice wreaked havoc on communities stretching from northern Texas to Buffalo, New York. 

And because of the storm, towns have been crushed and lives have been lost. 

According to reports as of Wednesday night, over sixty people had died as a result of the storms that have been hitting the United States. 

So you would think Joe Biden would be in the White House mustering up whatever resources he had to help those in the path of these storms. 

But instead, Joe Biden and his wife had other plans. 

Biden has his toes in the water and ass in the sand while Americans freeze to death

The First Couple decided it would be better to stay warm in the sands of the Virgin Islands rather than freeze in Mordor on the Potomac. 

Some reports are stating that Biden is even staying at the mansion of a big-time Democrat donor. 

Remember the hell Senator Ted Cruz caught for doing something similar back when the ice storms hit Texas?

The Left raged on Senator Cruz for “leaving the people of Texas behind.”

Well, here we are with rolls reversed and not a damn second of Biden’s abandonment of struggling Americans hits the corporate-controlled media’s airwaves. 

Double standard much?

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