Ben Carson revealed one truth about Donald Trump that Democrats will hate

Nov 2, 2023

Donald Trump is on the comeback trail for the White House.

He’s poised to shake up Washington, D.C.’s Swamp during a potential second term.

And Ben Carson revealed one truth about Donald Trump that Democrats will hate.

Donald Trump has a commanding lead in the Republican Presidential Primary.

He added to his already impressive collection of endorsements when former Housing and Urban Development Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson, announced his support for Trump.

Carson was a 2016 GOP Primary rival of Trump’s before he joined his administration.

Before introducing the former President, he told a crowd at a rally in Sioux City, Iowa, that he was giving his “most confident and full endorsement.”

“Benjamin Franklin was asked in 1787 after they finished the Constitutional Convention, ‘Sir, what do we have here? A monarchy or a republic?’” Carson told the crowd. “‘A republic, if you can keep it.’ The way we can keep it is we can put Donald J. Trump back in office.”

He called Trump a friend and a friend of America.

“Donald Trump believes in our freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right to keep and bear arms,” Carson added. “So we can fix our country, and we can make America great again. And President Donald J. Trump is the person to do that.”

Ben Carson says Trump is the biggest threat to the Deep State

Carson told the Sioux City crowd that Trump dared to challenge Washington, D.C.’s political establishment, despite the enormous financial and personal risk in picking that fight.

During his 2016 Presidential campaign, Carson said he discovered that most Americans had “common sense,” but added that many didn’t have the “courage” to say what they thought.

“But one man had the courage to take on the political establishment and give the people a voice in Washington, with no concern about what it would cost him,” Carson said. “Donald Trump lost millions if not billions of dollars. And he’s been attacked constantly and demonized, and yet, he’s still there. They haven’t gotten rid of him.”

The former Trump official revealed why Democrats are throwing the kitchen sink at Trump to keep him from returning to the White House.

“They’re trying to do everything in their power to get rid of him,” Carson continued. “Because he’s the biggest threat to the administrative state and to the Swamp — I don’t call it a Swamp, I call it a cesspool.”

The former President’s first term in office exposed the power that the unelected bureaucrats who make up the Deep State have in politics.

Politicians come and go, but these nefarious bureaucrats remain in power in the vast administrative state.

A second term for Trump would be an opportunity to take a wrecking ball to the Deep State’s hold on Washington, D.C.

Project 2025, a collaboration between several conservative organizations, is developing a plan to allow Trump to hit the ground running during a second term.

The group is recruiting conservative staffers to fill a second Trump administration and is encouraging the next Republican President to fire 50,000 government workers on his first day in office.

Donald Trump could take a sledgehammer to the entrenched Deep State officials during a second term in the White House.

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