Biden may actually close the border after parents in Mexico did one thing that made Democrats furious

Sep 8, 2023

Our wide-open southern border has been a curse to this nation for years.

But the issue may finally be resolved in the most bizarre way.

And Biden may actually close the border after parents in Mexico did one thing that made Democrats furious.

The wide-open southern border is a feature, not a flaw

When legacy media ignores an issue within this nation, you should be paying attention.

Today, the number-one story that the media doesn’t want you to hear about is the atrocity that is our southern border.

No other developed nation in the world has a wide-open border like the United States.

Record numbers of hard drugs, human traffickers, and even terrorists are flowing across our southern border.

Of course, you would think such an issue would create a unified resolve.

But Democrats are blatantly ignoring the issue at the border.

Some believe Democrats are ignoring the border because they hope to develop a voting block of illegal aliens when they finally have enough votes to pass amnesty.

Others believe that the Left supports unregulated illegal immigration as a way to justify expanding the welfare state.

But Democrats may change their stance on the border after seeing what parents are doing in Mexico.

Mexican uprising to gender ideology?

Mexico’s department of education is redoing the curriculum and textbooks for schools across the nation.

And the same forces that made our nation’s curriculum a tool to promote the Left’s policies are at work in Mexico.

But parents in Mexico aren’t having any of it.

112,000 parents have already signed a petition demanding that Mexico’s department of education stop the distribution of these new textbooks.

According to parent and Christian advocacy groups, these textbooks contain lessons on sex and gender ideology.

At a rally in Chiapas, Mexico, a town that borders Guatemala, a group of outraged parents burned the textbooks.

According to local news sources, “at the elementary school in Chiapas, parents in the community piled up boxes of the new textbooks, doused them with fuel and set them afire.”

Democrats are really in a pickle with this one.

Which radical policy do they stick with? 

Will they choose open borders or gender ideology?

There aren’t many things Democrats love more than illegal aliens and the woke ideology.

But Democrats may decide to seal up the southern border if this trend and uprising by parents in Mexico continues.

Will Democrats ever support closing the southern border?

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