Bill Barr stabbed Trump in the back on the FBI raid and now is begging the Justice Department to go after Trump

Sep 16, 2022

Trump has been plagued by countless Republicans turning on him in his time of need.

But this betrayal of Trump has to be the worst one yet.

That’s because Bill Barr stabbed Trump in the back on the FBI raid and now is begging the Justice Department to go after Trump.

Trump learned the hard way that if you want a friend in Washington, D.C., you better get a dog.

Trump: the Deep State’s Enemy Number One

Anyone who is willing to take any action against The Swamp becomes a prime target for all the Deep State hacks that thrive there in both parties.

No one was shocked when Swamp Creatures like Elizabeth Warren, a.k.a Pocahontas, ruthlessly attacked Trump.

It’s just a name of the game for Democrats to attack anything that moves that is right of Joseph Stalin.

But few have the ability, or the conviction, to see that many on the Right side of the aisle, the Republican Party hacks, are just as eager to attack Trump whenever they get the chance.

Many RINOs come to mind when you think of Trump-haters.

Obviously you got names like Liz Cheney who is doing everything in her power to protect the political machine that her family has helped build over the past several decades.

But even the Republican leadership has spent some time attacking Trump and his base whenever they got the chance.

Mitch McConnell has turned on Trump and the America First movement multiple times.

Actions by these RINOs against Trump wasn’t that unthinkable.

But even Trump was caught completely off guard by this latest stab in the back.

At least he played the bagpipes

Many in the Republican Party pushed Bill Barr as the next best thing in politics.

The man was put forward to Trump by many of his friends like Lindsey Graham to be the Attorney General of the United States of America.

But once he got in power, Bill Barr turned out to be as big a disappointment as many other hacks handpicked by the Republican Deep State.

Bill Barr was more worried about playing the bagpipes than he ever was about getting to the bottom of the Russiagate hoax.

He was just as big of a disappointment as Attorney General as you could have imagined.

But now it looks like Bill Barr actually found the courage to stand up to someone – former President Donald Trump.

We have all watched in horror as the FBI targets Trump like a criminal with unconstitutional warrants and searches.

But Bill Barr has no problem with it and, in fact, he is encouraging the Justice Department to do more phony investigations into Trump.

In an interview with Fox News, Bill Barr claimed regarding the appointment of a special master to review the documents, “The opinion, I think, was wrong, and I think the government should appeal it. It’s deeply flawed in a number of ways. I don’t think the appointment of a special master is going to hold up.”

Barr continued later on into the interview to state, “The law here, I think, is pretty clear that the Justice Department should be able to review these documents.”

It can’t get much worse than this!

One of Trump’s former top picks turned his back on Trump right when he needed allies the most.

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