Bill Maher made Adam Schiff’s head explode when he explained why Americans support Donald Trump

Feb 5, 2024

Democrats can’t grasp why Americans still support President Trump. 

Leave it to Bill Maher to lecture Democrats on why their eight years of attacks and slander against Trump have failed. 

And Bill Maher made Adam Schiff’s head explode when he explained why Americans support Donald Trump. 

Democrats can’t face reality

If you are a Democrat, politics is pretty simple. 

You don’t think about the issues or what may be causing these hard times in America. 

All you do is do what you are told to do by Democrat leaders and world elites. 

It’s just an easy way of living when you turn off your ability to think for yourself. 

Those Americans who aren’t within the Democrat Party are stuck in reality as they realize that things aren’t okay. 

This once great nation we all shared together is slowly collapsing from within. 

Our bills keep skyrocketing, and it’s getting harder to put food on the table thanks to Bidenomics. 

And common sense isn’t so common these days. 

We have a growing percentage of the population that really believes that a boy can become a girl and a girl can become a boy. 

Simple biology and truths that stood the test of time for thousands of years are now considered radical and hateful. 

And because of this distortion of basic biology and common sense, we are seeing things like grown men being able to compete against girls in sports. 

We are even having prisons giving out birth control pills to all “female” wards because men are now part of the prison population if they claim they are a girl.

To Democrats, this seems like a progressives utopia. 

But to the average American, this is insane and needs to stop. 

And this is exactly what Bill Maher told California Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff. 

Bill Maher understands Trump’s success

On a recent episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, Maher was making sure his guest panelists, Stephen A. Smith, Adam Schiff, and Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, knew why Trump is so popular. 

After the panel trashed Trump and praised Democrats, Bill Maher told Stephen A. Smith that “The Atlantic put out an article last year and it was called ‘Separating Sports by Sex Doesn’t Make Sense,’ right, and talked about how we separate sports like the WNBA [and the NBA].”

He then mentioned how this idea of merging the NBA and the WNBA is “insane,” with Smith replying back that “I agree.”

“Okay, that’s why people vote for Trump; because there’s stuff like that on the Left that people just go ‘I know Trump’s horrible but separating sports by sex makes perfect sense and if you think it doesn’t, you can’t lead the country,” Maher said.

When the panel tried to counter this reality, Maher said “I’m just, I’m just giving you the answer to the question you’re asking all night long. Why do they vote for Donald Trump? It’s not always because they like him. It’s because stuff like that is kookier to people.”

Maher is right. 

If Trump wins this November, it won’t be because every voter loves him. 

It will be because the average American can’t take anymore of this radical Democrat ideology that is being shoved down their throats. 

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