Brittany Mahomes is demanding an apology from Americans that put jaws on the floor

Feb 17, 2023

NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes just won the Super Bowl.

But his wife Brittany is already creating a controversy for the Super Bowl winning quarterback.

And Brittany Mahomes is demanding an apology from Americans that put jaws on the floor.

Patrick Mahomes is living both his best and worst life

Most Americans know about Patrick Mahomes’ rise to fame.

Mahomes has put himself out there to be one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history.

He has dominated nearly every team over the last six years and put the Kansas City Chiefs on top of the league as a team to beat.

But no matter what achievement or victory he achieves, you still have to feel sorry for the guy for what he comes home to each day.

Patrick Mahomes is living both the best life and the worst life at the same time thanks to his wife Brittany.

When Brittany Mahomes gets excited for Patrick, she screeches and causes instant pain to everyone within ten feet of her.

And no one is more of a gloater than Brittany Mahomes.

Since Brittany lives her life through her husband’s success, every victory becomes hers and she ends up celebrating it more than the players.

Over the past couple of years, she has become one of the most-hated figures in the National Football League.

That’s a high bar to hit.

And unfortunately for most football fans, the Chiefs won the Super Bowl this past weekend.

Brittany Mahomes makes the Super Bowl all about her

This is the moment hundreds of thousands of football fans had been dreading throughout the season, as they knew the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl would somehow end up being a victory all about Brittany Mahomes.

Of course, Brittany Mahomes couldn’t help herself and took the first chance she could to make the Super Bowl victory all about her.

Brittany tweeted out how she was demanding an apology from the football fans who were talking negatively about the Chiefs this season.

“I think a lot of people need to apologize for what they said about this team at the beginning of this season,” she wrote.

Everyone is confused because no one doubted that the Chiefs were a good team.

But like a teenager seeking attention, Brittany took it upon herself to go after fans over a fake story.

She isn’t the only one who made this claim.

Travis Kelce also threw his falsehood out there after the Super Bowl win.

But at least Travis Kelce is actually on the team.

Brittany Mahomes contributes as much to the Chiefs’ victories as any other American does.

So football fans can only dream of the day when the Chiefs are awful again because they know that if they win, Brittany Mahomes will have to make an appearance.

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