Bush and Obama are teaming up to ruin President Trump’s chances in 2024

Nov 15, 2022

President Trump has his eyes set on 2024 to make America great again.

But leftists are already doing everything they can to undermine Trump. 

And now Bush and Obama are teaming up to ruin President Trump’s chances in 2024.

After last week’s shellacking of Republicans on election day, many Americans just want to break from politics. 

After one hell of an election cycle in 2022 with non-stop reports and polls about what to expect on Election Day, which all turned out wrong, the desire for a respite is understandable. 

But if you thought Americans were going to get a break from politics, you’re sadly mistaken. 

2024 starts now

As the old saying goes, this next election is the most important election of our lifetimes.

Right as 2022 heads out the door the 2024 election cycle is hitting us in the face like a frozen sledgehammer. 

And Donald Trump is kicking it all off as he is on the verge of making a huge announcement today that many expect will be his campaign launching event for the 2024 Presidential election. 

With Georgia’s special election still three weeks out, the 2022 Midterms aren’t even over yet, leaving some to call the announcement premature.

And you can already see the battle lines being drawn on the Republican side. 

After Tuesday’s results many Republicans are questioning whether or not Donald Trump is still the leader of the party. 

Some say he was exactly what we needed in 2016 to energize and focus the conservative movement – and his Presidency certainly was a successful one. 

But now many of those folks say it’s time for the party to move on. 

You have a number of Republican RINOs who are ready to pounce on Donald Trump when he announces his Presidential campaign. 

But you also have hundreds of thousands if not millions of Trump supporters ready to go to battle within the Republican Party for the former President that they love. 

And if you are a betting man you should bet that Donald Trump, win or lose the primary cycle, is going to give it one hell of a fight.

Either way, it’s clear that leftists are already preparing to derail his campaign in any way that they can.

Bush and Obama vs. Trump

Both former President Bush and Obama are “randomly” having speaking engagements pertaining to saving democracy and “disinformation.” 

George Bush is having his conference and speaking arrangement in Dallas on Wednesday and Obama is having his speech in New York on Thursday. 

This isn’t coincidental. 

Just think about it. 

They might not have known that Trump was going to make his big announcement this week but they knew that the 2024 election was going to kick into full gear the week after the election. 

And the truth is, there isn’t much difference between Bush and Obama. 

Both are leftists and products of the Washington, D.C. Swamp. 

Trump is going to have a rough and tough fight all the way through the Republican Primary and, if he wins, through the general election.

Everyone on the Right and the Left are going to be hitting him as he is the main candidate for 2024. 

And Democrats know that Biden would fail epically if he had to go against Trump again. 

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