Byron Donalds shut down CNN with this epic truth bomb

May 16, 2023

Florida Congressman Byron Donalds is one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters.

Donalds appeared on CNN after Trump’s New Hampshire town hall event.

And Byron Donalds shut down CNN with this epic truth bomb.

Despite the fact that left-wing media activist and host Kaitlin Collins repeatedly tried to interrupt him with so-called “fact checks” and limited the number of questions voters could ask, Donald Trump dominated the CNN town hall event.

On the CNN postgame show, Donalds took issue with Collins trying to make herself the center of attention during the event.

“Town halls are for the voters, not for the press or the person who is the moderator,” Donalds stated.

“Kaitlan spent more time interjecting her own viewpoints or her own views on the situation,” he added.

Left-wing activist and CNN host Anderson Cooper immediately interrupted Collins.

“Those are actually facts, though,” Cooper interjected.

Donalds was not about to back down from being interrupted.

“Hold on,” Donalds responded. “Are you guys now going to interject your views on me, or do I get a chance to speak?”

“If you’re speaking falsely, those are facts,” Cooper shot back.

Donalds later appeared on Fox News to discuss his appearance on CNN.

In the interview with Martha MacCallum, Donalds fleshed out his argument about why Collins flubbed her job as moderator by focusing on issues that the media obsessed about, like January 6 and the 2020 election, as opposed to the current concerns of Republican voters.

“What I made of it was, is that they didn’t–weren’t really prepared to hear the perspective of somebody that views politics differently and doesn’t get caught up in the showmanship or the circus of politics, but cares far more about the substance and actually how things get done,” Donalds explained. “And so, while they’re concerned about President Trump’s response or answers on January 6 or the 2020 election, what really matters to voters is what is happening right now.”

Collins trying to debate Trump on the issues only played into his hands.

The audience cheered and laughed at Trump’s responses.

Even right-leaning pundits not favorable to Trump expressed disgust at Collins for continuing to harp on January 6 and the 2020 election.

Trump won the night just by showing up in the lion’s den and fighting Collins on CNN’s turf.

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