Chip Roy just exposed RINOs and Republican leadership by saying what’s really going on in Washington, D.C.

Nov 22, 2022

Republicans across the nation are demanding change because of the results of the two past elections. 

Some Republicans in Washington, D.C. could care less as they continue with the status quo. 

But Chip Roy just exposed RINOs and Republican leadership by saying what’s really going on in Washington, D.C.

Usually when you lose you try to figure out what the hell went wrong. 

If you’re on a sports team, you might watch past game film to assess what happened and change your game plan in the future. 

If you are seriously struggling in real life, oftentimes you’ll change how you respond to a situation to make sure something bad doesn’t happen again in the future. 

It’s just human nature and common sense. 

But these common sense and natural human reactions don’t seem to be the norm for the Republican Party. 

Republican Party lost because of failed Republican leadership

Every time they mess up they continue things as usual. 

Every time someone tries to right what went wrong Republican leadership throws millions of dollars at the person to make sure they never show their face again in politics and that’s exactly what happened after this past election. 

Republicans got their butts whooped in what should have been an easy-win election. 

They should have gained a few seats in the Senate and at the very least gained a decent majority in the House. 

But now we know Republicans lost at least one seat in the Senate and won a razor-thin majority in the House. 

And many Republican voters are calling for change or calling for action for the losses the party sustained. 

But Republicans in Washington, D.C.  have given the middle finger to those concerned Republicans who are worried about the future of their nation and the party that’s supposed to represent them.

As a result, Mitch McConnell is again the leader for the Senate Republicans. 

And in the House, Republicans have Kevin McCarthy keeping his role with a bunch of RINOs around him in other leadership positions.

But one Republican is done with “business as usual” in Washington, D.C.

Chip Roy exposed the real Republican Party 

Congressman Chip Roy from Texas unleashed anger on his fellow Republicans in Washington, D.C. for looking out for each other instead of their voters. 

Chip Roy took to the House floor last week to tell the American people what is really going on behind closed doors. 

Roy started by saying, “Do you know every conversation that has been had in this body, at least on my side of the aisle, since last Tuesday? Who’s going to have power? And the answer is: Anybody but the American people.”

Roy continued to expose his fellow Republicans for being power hungry fraudsters by claiming:

“There is not a remote indication that my colleagues on my side of the aisle understand what time it is in America, understand what it is we’re facing.  It’s not just a campaign statement. It’s not just something to rile up the American people to get elected — to get elected, to get power, to get on a certain committee. Stop kissing each other’s rear ends asking and begging for some slot on a committee.  We didn’t come here to be on committees. We didn’t come here to get a title.”

Chip Roy is right.

Most Republicans in Washington, D.C. could care less about their voters or this great nation. 

They care only about themselves and it’s gotten to the point where our nation is becoming a hell-hole because of self-serving politicians.

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