Chris Christie utterly humiliated himself when he issued this one challenge to Donald Trump

Sep 14, 2023

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a national punchline.

He’ll do anything to get attention for his failing Presidential campaign.

And Chris Christie utterly humiliated himself when he issued this one challenge to Donald Trump.

Former President Donald Trump has a commanding lead in polls of the Republican Presidential Primary that has only grown since his criminal indictments.

He decided not to attend the first GOP primary debate on Fox News, citing his lead in the polls and not having to subject himself to constant attacks from some of his challengers, whose support is slightly more than a rounding error.

Even though former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is in the race, he isn’t really running for President.

He admitted that he’s actually auditioning for his next gig in the media.

Christie is constantly attacking Trump to get the attention of potential future employers like MSNBC.

Trump’s decision not to attend upcoming GOP debates caused the former New Jersey Governor to launch the most desperate stunt of his campaign.

Chris Christie is going to follow Donald Trump until he debates

Christie vowed on Fox News that he would follow Donald Trump “around the country” if he doesn’t show up at the upcoming GOP debate.

“But did Trump defuse your strategy of going toe-to-toe with him by staying off the debate stage and saying — since he’s got a big lead nationally, in the national polls — that he is not going to do any of the debates?” Fox News host Howard Kurtz asked.

“Well, if he doesn’t do any of the debates, Howie, you know, we’re going to give him another chance,” Christe replied. “I’m sure he’s not coming to the Reagan debate. We’ll give him another chance in Alabama. But if he doesn’t come there, then I’m going to follow him around the country. Wherever he goes, I’ll go. And we’ll wind up talking to each other one way or the other.”

Christe boasted that he would go toe-to-toe with Trump on the debate stage, but said his plan collapsed when the former President decided not to give him the time of day.

His campaign was centered on trying to get some buzzworthy moments in the media by jabbing at the GOP frontrunner.

“You’re going to change your travel schedule to go where Trump goes, just so I’m clear?” Kurtz asked.

“You bet,” Christie responded.

Christie is trying to goad Trump into showing up at the debates.

He called Trump a “coward” after he released a pre-taped interview with Tucker Carlson on social media at the same time as the first debate.

“There’s no other conclusion to come to that he’s both afraid of me and he’s afraid of defending his record,” Christie said after the first debate. “And if I had his record, I’d be nervous about showing up, too.”

Christie is currently polling at 3.6% nationally in the RealClearPolitics average, a massive 50 points behind Trump.

Chris Christie is lashing out at Donald Trump in a bid for attention before he drops out of the Presidential race.

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