Christians were stunned by this Catholic University’s embracement of the Left’s woke ideology

Mar 13, 2023

As American society becomes more fixated on wokeism, Christian universities should be the last refuge for traditional conservative values.

But America’s most prominent Christian institutions are starting to fall into the abyss.

And Christians were stunned by this Catholic University’s embracement of the Left’s woke ideology.

The Church is the cornerstone of our society and it’s about to give way

For hundreds of years, the founding principles of our society have come from Christian institutions.

Nearly everyone of our nation’s first universities were based on Christian values.

Even Harvard and Princeton used to be Christian missionary universities.

These institutions educated the forefathers who cultivated this nation to unbelievable greatness.

John Adams was a proud alumni of Harvard and James Madison went to Princeton.

For generations, these institutions have been a shield against the progressive movement that has driven nearly every other western civilization into the toilet.

But now, the culture war is on the front step of America’s last remaining Christian institutions after society went completely woke.

The fall of Notre Dame

Notre Dame is one of the most recognizable Christian institutions, not only in the United States, but in the world.

Notre Dame was founded in 1842 by the Congregation of the Holy Cross.

Throughout the years, it has made an impact for good in American society.

Since the Catholic University blossomed after World War II, Notre Dame became one of the leading Christian institutions in the United States through growing admission and one of the best football programs in the nation.

Many today would not expect Notre Dame to fall to the woke mob since it has been so entrenched with Catholic doctrine.

But it looks like the University is about to become a casualty of progressivism.

The University of Notre Dame hosted a speaking series on “Reproductive Justice” and transgenderism.

The titles of the talks included “Reproductive Health Disparities and Injustice virtual panel,” “Trans Care + Abortion Care: Intersections and Questions,” and “Laura Briggs Lecture: Taking Children: Why Brackeen v. Haaland? Why Now?”

The first panel held on February 17 focused on reproductive rights and featured local “experts on Latinx/e and black maternal health.”

The next two panels focused on trans-healthcare and trans abortion rights and discussed “the 400-year-old history of the United States’ use of taking children from marginalized communities.”

The University of Notre Dame, the most prominent Catholic university in the United States, is hosting a panel on transgender abortion rights and other woke nonsense.

If the Catholic Church has fallen to the progressives on issues like transgenderism and abortion on demand, then our society is long gone.

And conservatives might as well go ahead and throw in the towel while they still have a chance.

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