Church leaders are completely silent on one disturbing issue that has traditional Catholics fuming

Apr 21, 2023

Most Churches these days don’t understand the seriousness of the fight our culture is facing.

As a result, our society is becoming more and more Godless.

And now Church leaders are completely silent on one disturbing issue that has traditional Catholics fuming.

When did the Church lose its way?

Most Christians understand that the point of the Church is to bring followers to Christ.

But many seem to forget that the point of the Church is also to protect the sheep from the wolves.

As Saint Augustine once said, “there are wolves within, and there are sheep without.”

That statement could not be more truthful than it is today.

There are countless Christans who have no idea that our society is filled with wolves.

When you turn on the news or just go into your community, you will see immoral acts and the collapse of Christian society.

Christian ideas like the family unit are eroding away from the fabric of our society.

Whenever there’s been such an attack upon the Christian faith throughout history, the Church always led the charge to make sure that the Gospel stayed true and relevant.

But over the past 40 years, the Church has stayed silent as Christianity is being routed from society.

The Church silently accepts transgenderism

Over the last few years, society went from debating the issue of gay marriage to now labeling anyone who opposes the transgender agenda as a bigot.

It seems like the Church would take a stand against transgenderism.

But shockingly, the majority of the Church has stayed silent.

Even worse, a Catholic school in Ontario recently suspended a student for taking a stand against trans radicalism.

Josh Alexander, a student at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School, was suspended for leading a student walkout over a new school policy to allow men in the women’s bathroom because of gender dysphoria.

You would hope that the local Catholic Diocese would take a stand against suspending a student for standing up for the teachings of the Catholic Church.

But in reality, local Bishop Guy Desrochers and his team are doing everything they can to distance themselves from the situation.

“The Renfrew County District Catholic School Board is a separate corporation from the Diocese of Pembroke, and it is under the direction of a Board of Trustees,” a spokesperson for the local Diocese claimed. “The diocese does not have jurisdiction over the internal life of the Board, nor does the Bishop have the authority to intervene in internal matters. He can, however, exercise moral suasion, and he is in regular contact with the Board’s leadership.”

It’s a sad day for Christians when even the Catholic Church won’t take a stand against transgender ideology.

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