Clarence Thomas was all smiles after Democrats got this devastating reality check

May 12, 2023

Democrats have been trying to destroy Clarence Thomas ever since his confirmation hearing in 1991.

But they just launched a new smear campaign against the conservative Justice.

And Clarence Thomas was all smiles after Democrats got this devastating reality check.

Democrats and their media allies are running a coordinated smear campaign against Clarence Thomas and the other conservative Justices on the Supreme Court.

They’re manufacturing phony scandals to try and delegitimize the Court ahead of potential rulings that could end affirmative action and other left-wing political priorities.

The relationship between Thomas and his long-time friend, Republican donor Harlan Crow, is coming under fire after a hit piece from a left-wing media outlet suggested that their relationship was corrupt.

Thomas has been friends with him for more than two decades and their families have gone on vacations together paid for by Crow.

Democrats are trying to suggest that this is a massive ethical violation since Thomas didn’t report the trips on his financial disclosure forms.

The Supreme Court’s ethics rules do not require a Justice to report hospitality provided to them by friends.

But Senate Democrats are using this phony scandal to try and investigate the financial relationship between Crow and Thomas.

Clarence Thomas’s friend tells Democrats to pound sand

Harlan Crow’s personal attorney, Michael Bopp, sent a letter to Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR), Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, that rejected a request for financial documents and called out the obvious smear campaign that’s being conducted.

Democrats are suggesting that Crow potentially violated federal tax laws when he paid for the vacations.

Bopp wrote to Wyden that the request was an “attempt to tarnish the reputation of a sitting Supreme Court Justice and his friend of many years, Mr. Crow.”

“Given the letter’s timing and focus, this inquiry appears to be a component of a broader campaign against Justice Thomas and, now, Mr. Crow, rather than an investigation that furthers a valid legislative purpose,” Bopp wrote.

He pointed out that Democrats should have no interest in “any federal gift tax issues” beyond investigating Crow.

A fuming Wyden accused Crow of “stonewalling” his investigation and said that he would be sending a response to Bopp.

Senate Republicans sent a letter to Wyden that accused him of trying to intimidate the Supreme Court with his investigation.

“We reject this manufactured ‘ethics crisis’ at the Supreme Court as a ploy to further Democrats’ efforts to undermine public confidence and change the makeup of the court,” the Republican Senators wrote.

The Republican Senators also slammed Democrats for holding funding for increased security for Supreme Court Justices.

Mobs of unhinged left-wing protesters illegally picketed outside the homes of the conservative Justices after the decision that overturned Roe v. Wade was leaked last year to the press.

A pro-abortion activist from California was arrested outside the home of Justice Brett Kavanaugh in an attempted assassination.

“It is shocking that the Democrats would try to leverage the physical security of Supreme Court Justices and their families to force the Court to bend to its demands,” the Senators added.

Democrats are furious that the Supreme Court is under conservative control and are doing everything they can to destroy Clarence Thomas.

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