CNN broke some brutal news to Joe Biden that will have Democrats crying in their pillow

Nov 9, 2023

Joe Biden is facing mounting criticism from members of his own Party and the press.

Democrats are turning on Biden at a rapid pace.

And CNN broke some brutal news to Joe Biden that will have Democrats crying in their pillow.

Poll after poll continues to tell the story that the American people consider Joe Biden a failed President and are over him.

Over the weekend, New York Times/Siena polling of six critical swing states showed Donald Trump in the lead in five of them.

These numbers should have served as a flashing red light to Democrats that Joe Biden opening the borders and spiking inflation through a socialist spending binge put the Party at risk of defeat in 2024.

The Times/Siena poll numbers were not a one-off.

CNN’s latest poll also painted a bleak picture of Joe Biden’s re-election prospects.

According to the CNN survey, just 40 percent of Americans approved of Biden’s job as President, and Trump is leading him by 49 to 45 percent.

CNN found Biden is losing ground with every voting block that makes up the Democrat Party coalition.

“Among voters younger than 35, 48% support Trump, 47% Biden. Political independents break 45% Trump to 41% Biden. Black voters favor Biden, 73% vs. Trump’s 23%, while Latino voters split 50% Biden to 46% Trump. And among voters of color generally, women divide 63% Biden to 31% Trump, while men split about evenly, 49% Trump to 46% Biden,” CNN reported.

But the one undercurrent that is driving Biden’s poor poll numbers is age.

CNN’s poll showed nearly 75 percent of voters think Joe Biden is too old and senile to serve as President.

The Biden campaign recently initiated a push for the press to call out Trump, who is three years younger than Biden, as being too old to be President because he occasionally misspoke during the course of his rally speeches.

That effort clearly failed, as a majority of Americans don’t have any questions about Trump’s mental fitness for office. 

Donald Trump still gives speeches that run more than an hour, where he delivers improvisational remarks and only loosely sticks to his prepared comments.

Biden, on the other hand, keeps the lightest schedule of any President in modern history while creating cringeworthy moments like when he called out to a dead Congresswoman or tried to shake the hands of people who weren’t there.

If Biden wins re-election, he will turn 86 at the end of his second term.

The American people understand that reality.

And that is why an increasing number of polls show Donald Trump would defeat Joe Biden in a rematch.

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