CNN’s documentary about Barack Obama had Donald Trump rolling on the floor laughing

Mar 7, 2023

CNN has fully embraced its role as the public relations department for the Democrat Party.

The biased reporting from CNN is costing the network viewers by the day.

And CNN’s documentary about Barack Obama had Donald Trump rolling on the floor laughing.

More of the same at CNN

Last May, Chris Licht became the new boss at CNN.

Licht vowed to bring the self-proclaimed “most trusted name in news” back to its glory days by stopping all the opinion shows and switching back to simply reporting the news.

Things got off to a good start after Licht fired Brian Stelter and moved Don Lemon from hosting a prime-time show to being a co-host of a morning show.

He even pulled the plug on the little-watched CNN+ streaming pay service.

But other than that, it’s been the same old CNN.

And the network’s ratings are in the toilet because of it.

According to Neilson ratings, the cable news network is bringing in an average of less than 350,000 prime-time viewers each night.

And they’re hemorrhaging young viewers in the key 25-54 demographic that advertisers want to reach the most.

In fact, Fox News Channel’s late-night show, Gutfeld, draws a larger key demographic audience than CNN’s highest rated program during prime-time hours.

Obama to CNN’s rescue?

In an attempt to boost ratings, CNN developed, hyped, and aired a four-part documentary on former President Barack Obama.

The documentary was a puff-piece on the Obama Presidency that largely ignored his scandal-ridden eight years in the White House.

The name of the documentary – Obama: In Pursuit of a More Perfect Union – is a dead giveaway that viewers should not expect the film to offer a balanced look at the man and his administration.

The special ran over the weekend.

However, it wasn’t the ratings bonanza Licht and the rest of CNN’s left-wing crew had hoped for.

As you can see in the rating numbers listed above, the Obama documentary barely outdrew MSNBC’s meager Saturday night lineup.

It not only failed to top Fox News, but it struggled to keep half as many viewers as their traditional schedule.

The payoff to the documentary, part four, even failed to beat a rerun of One Nation With Brian Kilmeade.

And Dan Bongino’s hour-long Saturday program, Unfiltered with Dan Bongino, virtually doubled the viewers in the Obama documentary’s peak hour.

Donald Trump has the last laugh

Donald Trump has been keeping an eye on his former sparring partner’s rating struggles.

Last month, he posted on his Truth Social platform that there is only one man who can save CNN.

And according to Trump, it’s not Barack Obama.

“Actually, there’s only one person that can save CNN — he’s done it for 6 years — ‘TRUMP,’” he wrote. “But he’s not available, he’s going to WIN the Presidency for the THIRD time, and save our Country from going to HELL!”

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