CNN’s executives were just hit with the devastating results of their anti-Trump brand

Jan 30, 2023

CNN has always been biased, dating all the way back to when Ted Turner first founded the Cable News Network.

But they’ve progressively grown worse over the years, especially once Donald Trump was elected as President of the United States.

And CNN’s executives were just hit with the devastating results of their anti-Trump brand. 

Donald Trump vs. CNN

CNN treated Donald Trump’s 2016 run for the White House like a joke.

They were shocked into near silence on election night that year when Trump trounced Hillary Clinton to become the 45th President of the United States.

They spent the next four years attacking Trump, reporting on hoaxes, and fanning the flames of the witch hunt against the President.

They did everything within their power to make sure there wouldn’t be a second term of the Trump Administration.

And even after he left office, CNN has been on a virtually non-stop campaign to make sure Trump doesn’t run again in 2024.

To his credit, and unlike George W. Bush before him, Trump hit back, not afraid to point out the bias and lies of CNN.

But that only made the left-wing journalists at the so-called “most trusted name in news” double-down on their anti-Trump reports.

And the lopsided coverage has continued to benefit Democrats throughout the Biden Presidency.

No one watches CNN anymore 

But it hasn’t benefited CNN’s ratings. 

In fact, according to the latest round of Neilson numbers CNN’s prime time viewership has now dipped to an average of just 440,000 viewers each night. 

The results aren’t the fault of a slow news week. 

Biden’s classified documents scandal, escalating conflict in Ukraine, and a battle between Republicans and Democrats over House committee assignments have earned CNN’s competitors big numbers. 

Fox News raked in an average of 1.996 million primetime viewers last week – five-times greater than CNN.

Even MSNBC crushed CNN – netting 943,000 average primetime viewers.

While Fox News had the second-best primetime ratings in all of cable – not just cable news – CNN came in a distant 18th

And if prime time was bad for the so-called “most trusted name in news” the daytime was even worse. 

The week of January 16, CNN managed to garner just 417,000 in total day viewers.

Fox News more than tripled that with 1.387 million.

And MSNBC averaged 629,000 total viewers throughout the day.

Prime time was bad and daytime was even worse, but mornings are now at record lows for CNN. 

CNN This Morning averaged only 331,000 viewers – and a meager 65,000 in the money-making 25-54 demo advertisers love.

Comparatively, Fox News attracted 1.3 million and 180,000 demo viewers.

The more things change, the more they stay the same at CNN

What makes the morning numbers sting even more for CNN, they moved one of their biggest names, Don Lemon to the time slot and the numbers have steadily declined ever since. 

Lemon’s demotion was part of new CNN boss Chris Licht’s supposed new strategy to move away from partisan talking points and opinion shows and instead deliver real journalism. 

To that aim, Licht also fired Brian Stelter from his hosting duties from his weekend show, the hilariously misnamed, Reliable Sources

However, Stelter’s walking papers and Lemon’s demotion are the only changes to speak of – as CNN continues to peddle Democrat propaganda and GOP attacks. 

And the result is ratings that continue to nosedive to the point where YouTubers and online subscription services are rivaling, and sometimes beating, CNN’s numbers. 

Deplorable Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

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