Conservatives are fuming over Joe Biden’s outrageous new federal hiring rules

Feb 17, 2023

By now it’s clear to most Americans that the Deep State is real.

Joe Biden is trying to stack every department in the federal government with Deep State operators.

And conservatives are fuming over Joe Biden’s outrageous new federal hiring rules.

The federal government is inundated with radical leftist agitators whose goal is to bring about the destruction of the very government they serve.

Just as important and dangerous as elected officials

These nameless, faceless bureaucrats are embedded deep in the entrails of the federal bureaucracy.

And they are located in every single department, bureau, and office of the federal government.

Their job is to use their position to help turn the federal government into a socialist monolith.

Over the past few decades, they’ve grown stronger as Congress and the courts have ceded more authority over to federal bureaucrats.

Now, under some new regulations on hiring from the Biden administration, it could get much, much worse.

In a move that has received little coverage in the corporate-controlled media, the Biden administration is proposing new federal hiring rules. 

And these new rules will almost certainly be used to deny employment to anyone who questions woke policies, criticizes the government, or belongs to any group considered to be politically incorrect.

The vague and ambiguous language in the proposed changes to federal hiring regulations could literally allow leftist government managers to put up a “Conservatives Need Not Apply” sign. 

The public has until April 3 to file comments on the proposed “Suitability and Fitness Vetting” amendments to current hiring regulations.

As the proposal explains, the term “suitability and fitness” refers to “a decision by an agency that an individual does or does not have the required level of character and conduct necessary” to work in a federal agency. 

That means the assessment has nothing to do with someone’s qualifications for a job.

Instead, it has everything to do with some subjective assessment of a prospective employee by a radical activist.

From straightforward to muddled

Under the current regulation, 731.202(b)(7), a job applicant is disqualified from employment by the federal government for “knowing and willful engagement in acts or activities designed to overthrow the U.S. government.”

Of course, this makes perfect sense. 

However, the Biden administration wants to change that simple and straightforward requirement into something far less concise, and far more dangerous.

They want to replace it with four puzzling and confusing standards:

  • Knowing engagement in acts or activities with the purpose of overthrowing Federal, State, local, or tribal government.
  • Acts of force, violence, intimidation, or coercion with the purpose of denying others the free exercise of their rights under the U.S. Constitution or any state constitution.
  • Attempting to indoctrinate others or to incite them to action in furtherance of illegal acts.
  • Active membership or leadership in a group with knowledge of its unlawful aims, or participation in such a group with specific intent to further its unlawful aims.

While the first standard is similar to the current standard, there are serious questions with the other three. 

The problem with the other three proposed standards is that they are so vague, it will give ideologues in the civil service’s ranks the ability to reject almost anyone who is critical of government policies.

Managers could also reject anyone who questions the acts and behavior of government officials or anyone who voices opinions that don’t fit with the accepted left-wing political orthodoxy. 

And don’t think this is some conspiracy theory.

The progressive Left has long claimed words and free speech are a literal form of violence that amounts to intimidation and coercion.

“Venom and violence”

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) said criticism of her is “not tone, it’s violence.” 

And in 2018, Joe Biden said it was the rhetoric of then-President Donald Trump that led to mass shootings and terrorist bombings.

After all, if words are, as Biden said, “venom and violence,” the Left never has to engage in real debate.

The Left says any opinions it disagrees with on abortion, gun rights, illegal immigration, racial preferences, or the LGBTQ agenda “marginalizes” certain social groups. 

And it’s no secret the Left is pushing hard to criminalize anything they deem hate speech.

Which, of course, is anything they do not agree with.

Government bureaucrats in charge of hiring could claim a job candidate’s opposition to state abortion laws is an attempt “to indoctrinate others or to incite them to action in furtherance of illegal acts.” 

That would automatically make the applicant incapable of working for the federal government.

All concerned Americans should contact the OPM about these new hiring regulations and demand they reject them.

Deplorable Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

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