Darius Rucker gave football fans a patriotic lesson after he didn’t like what he saw at the Super Bowl

Feb 17, 2023

This year’s Super Bowl ended in a controversy that has everyone talking. 

But there was also a controversy to start the final game of the NFL season. 

And musician Darius Rucker gave football fans a patriotic lesson after he didn’t like what he saw at the Super Bowl. 

An Americans tradition 

An estimated 113.06 million viewers tuned in for Super Bowl LVII this past Sunday – making it the third most-watched television program in history. 

Another 67,827 purchased tickets and traveled to Arizona to experience the game live from State Farm Stadium in Glendale.

Many fans outside of the Kansas City area were upset that the game was decided by the referees with a questionable flag for defensive holding. 

But one fan was more upset with how the game started. 

Before the opening play, country musician Chris Stapleton wowed the audience in attendance and those watching at home with a rousing rendition of America’s National Anthem. 

Show some respect 

Fellow country music superstar Darius Rucker was incredibly impressed with Stapleton’s version of the Anthem. 

However, Rucker was less impressed with how fans in attendance behaved during the song. 

“I just saw grown men keep their hats on during the National Anthem and that really sucked,” Rucker tweeted immediately following the performance. “Awesome job Chris Stapleton. You killed it!” 

The observation from the former lead singer of Hootie and Blowfish resulted in a healthy debate in the comment section of the tweet. 

Let the debate begin 

While many simply praised Stapleton for delivering such a stunning rendition of the song, many others weighed in on proper Anthem protocol. 

“I don’t insist on hand over heart,” one Twitter user commented. “But certainly taking the hat off.”

“Trying to explain to my 5th graders why hats are removed during the Anthem and indoors,” another user chimed in. “They don’t get it!”

“I’m at a point in my life where I just hope people stand still and stop talking during the national anthem these days,” one user added. 

And still others were left lamenting culture in the United States in the year 2023. 

“This country is at a new low,” one account replied.  “No pride in country, civility, class, or morality. We are in decline as a society.”

“It just goes to show you what our world has become,” another commented. “And they have absolutely no RESPECT for themselves or their Freedom.”

There was one commenter who decided to look at the glass as half full. 

“At least they aren’t kneeling,” he tweeted. “That’s progress.”

It should be noted that Stapleton has a trademark cowboy hat he dawns at all his performances and appearances.  

However, his signature hat was nowhere to be found while he performed America’s National Anthem. 

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