Dave Chappelle revealed a disturbing truth about San Francisco that sent one left-wing blogger off the rails

May 18, 2023

Comedian Dave Chappelle is no stranger to controversy.

His politically-incorrect comedy routines are funny and poignant.

And Dave Chappelle revealed a disturbing truth about San Francisco that sent one left-wing blogger off the rails.

“What the f*** happened to this place?”

Popular comedian Dave Chappelle recently held a surprise stand-up comedy show in San Francisco, California.

During the show, Chappelle mentioned how much San Francisco had deteriorated in recent years.

“What the f*** happened to this place?” Chappelle asked the crowd.

These comments infuriated one left-wing local blogger.

The website SFGATE sent a blogger to cover the performance, which was held at the Masonic Auditorium.

The blogger said Chappelle called San Francisco his second home.

“Half Glee, half zombie movie”

However, Chappelle was not afraid to point out how his second home had fallen apart due to rampant crime and a total breakdown of societal norms.

Chappelle allegedly joked that San Francisco had become a “half glee, half zombie movie.”

He said the city had become so crime ridden that the citizens “need a Batman!”

The only good thing about San Francisco, according to Chappelle, was meeting Steph Curry during his rookie season with the Golden State Warriors.

He then told a story of how he was about to enter an Indian restaurant in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco when someone defecated right near the entrance.

Attacked from the Left

The SFGATE blogger attacked Chappelle and claimed that the stand-up comedian had “said plenty of irresponsible and dangerous things” in the past.

The blogger then compared Chappelle to Elon Musk, Joe Rogan, and Kanye West because he allegedly “insulated himself from criticism with a combination of incredible talent and incredible wealth.”

The culture blogger then launched into a full-blown critique of arguably one of the greatest stand-up comedians of all time.

The blogger dug up the transgender controversy from Chappelle’s stand-up special Closer, which debuted in October of 2021.

The blogger accused Chappelle of taking “a dark turn toward transphobia.”

“In addition to being insensitive, they are often just plain lazy, relying on tropes rather than the comedian’s incisive wit,” the blogger said.

The leftist blogger then claimed Chappelle had “settled for a barrage of transphobic dog whistles” during his San Francisco comedy show.

The blogger added that “these dog whistles” ruined the comedy routine for him.

He also blasted the audience by writing that “I’m not sure how much of the audience really understood that context.”

The blogger said Chappelle should be “held accountable” for his words.

Ironically, the blogger then admitted the audience thoroughly enjoyed Chappelle’s stand-up show.

But he claimed they only enjoyed it because they had not been paying attention to Chappelle’s controversies.

Of course, this just sounds like sour grapes from wine country.

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