Democrat Judges issued one breathtaking ruling that left Donald Trump dazed and confused

Nov 8, 2023

The Democrat Party scheme to enlist the courts to stop Donald Trump’s re-election campaign escalated as the former President led Joe Biden in the polls.

Trump is facing multiple criminal trials and civil lawsuits all brought by Democrat prosecutors.

And Democrat Judges issued one breathtaking ruling that left Donald Trump dazed and confused.

Obama Judge Tanya Chutkan slapped Trump with a gag order in Joe Biden prosecutor Jack Smith’s criminal case over him contesting the 2020 election.

Trump’s poll numbers in both the GOP Primary and General Election against Joe Biden increased the more he campaigned on the fact that Democrats are using third-world lawfare tactics to win an election that Joe Biden otherwise couldn’t at the ballot box.

Democrat Judge Chutkan and Democrat prosecutor Jack Smith colluded on a gag order that would prevent Trump from campaigning on his most potent issue under the threat of prison.

But a funny thing happened.

Trump appealed the order, and a three-Judge panel on the D.C. Court of Appeals – two Obama and one Joe Biden Judge – stayed the gag order pending a hearing.

On Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show, George Washington Law Professor Jonathan Turley explained that this was a significant development as the gag order is plainly unconstitutional.

“Well, Laura, it’s hard to say because we have to wait to see how the panel reacts in its review, particularly the oral argument. They are essentially freezing any action here. They could have left it to continue, to continue while they reviewed it. But, they decided, perhaps in an abundance of caution, to order this stoppage until they can give it a full review. The reason I think this could be quite significant is I think that the order is unconstitutional,” Turley stated.

Turley explained that Smith and Chutkan agreed on a schedule to start the trial before the election and then allow Democrats and Trump’s Republican rivals to attack him over the criminal charges Smith brought while preventing him from responding.

“I said that when it was first issued. It’s a very odd concept of an order because the court here insisted on having this trial before the election sort of shoe-horned it in before Super Tuesday. And everyone in this election is going to be talking about these cases, except one person under this gag order. And that is Donald Trump. He can’t criticize the prosecutors. He can’t criticize witnesses. And Special Counsel Jack Smith just asked for this order to be expanded in an equally unconstitutional way. That has drawn criticism, even of the ACLU, which is a staunch critic of Donald Trump, but the ACLU has said look, this is flagrantly unconstitutional,’” Turley concluded.

The idea that Joe Biden’s prosecutors and allies on the judiciary can regulate the political speech of his opponent in the 2024 election flies in the face of everything America stands for.

And if there is any fairness left in the justice system, then the courts will throw out this gag order.

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