Democrat strategist James Carville easily had the worst hot take on the Brittney Griner trade that left jaws on the floor

Dec 14, 2022

It seems every political pundit in the country had to weigh in on the U.S.-Russia convict swap.

Most of them were dead wrong in their analysis.

But Democrat strategist James Carville easily had the worst hot take on the Brittney Griner trade that left jaws on the floor.

Joe Biden’s decision to trade notorious arms dealer and mass murderer Viktor Bout, notoriously dubbed “the Merchant of Death,” in exchange for former WNBA star Brittney Griner was met with almost universal scorn.

Russians laughed at the decision, conservatives were furious, and even Democrats were at best bewildered or concerned.

A leopard never changes its stripes

But of course many of the Democrat and leftist talking heads are doing thier very best to defend Joe Biden and try to explain why the trade was a good one.

They ignore the facts that the U.S. just swapped an anti-American, lesbian, drug-addled, women’s basketball player for a worldwide arms dealer who has an expressly-stated goal of killing Americans.

Nor do they seem to remember Biden made that one-sided deal with the very country these same leftists claim is our number one enemy.

These dyed-in-the-wool radical leftists don’t even seem to realize they are simply mouthing the talking points of the leftist elites.

They aren’t willing to change their stripes even for truth, or America’s security.  

But the very worst hot take belongs to . . .

Years ago, there was a political consultant to Bill and Hillary Clinton who many thought might just be that rare person on the Left – one with principle and integrity.

His name is James Carville – and if you haven’t heard of him you aren’t alone.  

He’s only been relevant lately when he says something stupid.

But back in the late 1980s and 1990s, Carville helped Bill Clinton rise to power on the phrase, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

This was Carville’s mantra to Clinton and all the campaign operatives and staff to remind them to stay focused on those things Americans actually cared about. 

Now Carville seems to have forgotten what is stupid and what is not.

That’s why he had the worst hot take on the Griner/Merchant of Death prisoner swap.

Carville recently came out and said those who opposed the release of Russian “Merchant of Death” Viktor Bout in exchange for Griner did so largely because they are driven by racism and homophobia.

Carville also bizarrely claimed opposition to the swap “exposed a big big fault in American culture,” and said anyone opposed to the swap was likely “pro-Putin.”

Sorry Jim, how is opposing giving Putin back his top arms dealer pro-Putin?  

Seems like being in favor of the swap is the real pro-Putin position.

But that is the state of the Left today.  

They are so all-consumed with taking power, they are willing to applaud trading a pot-smoking, lesbian, anti-American WNBA player for an international arms smuggler who sold weapons to America’s enemies. 

And it turns out James Carville has no more integrity than anyone else on the Left.

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