Democrats are panicking over one prediction about Donald Trump that will turn 2024 upside down

Mar 9, 2023

Donald Trump is on the comeback trail for 2024.

He’s preparing to pull an ace out of his sleeve to gain the upper hand.

And Democrats are panicking over one prediction about Donald Trump that will turn 2024 upside down.

In 2020, Democrats used the pandemic as an excuse to turn Election Day into Election Season with the expansion of mass mail-in voting.

The election brought attention to Democrat operatives who engaged in ballot harvesting, a process where they collected absentee and mail-in ballots to turn in before Election Day.

Democrats built a crucial edge in battleground states by deploying ballot harvesters, using drop boxes for mail-in ballots, and encouraging their supporters to vote early.

These tactics continued into last year’s Midterm elections, as Democrats built insurmountable leads heading into Election Day in key battleground states.

After the 2020 election, Republican-controlled states have changed their laws to protect election integrity.

But key battleground states for the 2024 Presidential election, such as Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, were unable to pass similar election integrity laws after Republicans lost the gubernatorial races in those states.

With mass mail-in voting still on the books in battleground states, Republicans are shifting their campaign tactics going into 2024.

Republicans are coming around to the idea that they’ll have to beat Democrats at their own game until election integrity laws are passed.

Donald Trump embraces ballot harvesting

Donald Trump announced he’s changing his campaign strategy ahead of the 2024 election during his speech at annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

The former President is famously opposed to mail-in voting, but during his speech he said it’s time to change things up moving forward.

Trump said that Republican Governors should pass election integrity measures like paper ballots, voter ID, and Election Day voting only.

“But, until that day comes, Republicans must compete using every lawful means to win,” Trump said. “That means swamping the Left with mail-in votes, early votes, and Election Day votes, have to do it. We have to change our thinking because some bad things happened.”

Dick Morris predicts that Donald Trump will win with legal ballot harvesting

Dick Morris served as an advisor to former President Bill Clinton before eventually leaving the Democrat Party.

He told Newsmax that while Trump wants to confine voting to Election Day, he’s willing to use the Democrat “playbook” to win in 2024.

“The most significant thing in the speech is that he firmly committed to a policy of doing what he can to win the election within the law, but following the playbook that the Democrats developed: early voting, of mail-in voting, drop boxes, ballot harvesting, and such,” Morris explained.” “In the past, he’s refused to do that, and the Republicans have suffered mightily because of it.”

Morris pointed out that in last year’s Pennsylvania Senate race, Democrat John Fetterman banked more than 600,000 ballots going into Election Day against his Republican challenger, Dr. Mehmet Oz.

“We can’t let that kind of thing happen again, and Trump firmly committed to the idea of early voting, and to the idea of going home-to-home with ballot boxes and doing voting there, and mail-in ballots, all without fraud, but to beat the Democrats at their own game,” Morris said.

Embracing ballot harvesting could give Donald Trump the edge he needs to win the 2024 election.

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