Democrats’ darkest secret was just exposed for all to see by this blue state

Jan 27, 2023

Democrats have made it clear they want open borders, no matter the cost. 

But they’ve always hidden one of the biggest reasons they’re willing to resort to “by any means necessary” tactics to achieve them. 

But a court ruling in this blue state is pulling back the curtain on one of the Left’s closest held secrets. 

Open borders leading to a crisis 

According to the latest numbers from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, last month there were more than 250,000 “encounters” with illegal aliens along the southern border.

That is the highest number in recorded history for illegals crossing into the U.S. in the cold month of December.

Additionally, it is estimated there were another 65,000 “gotaways” – bringing the number up to about 315,000 illegals entering the country last month alone.

To put that in perspective, that would be like the entire population of Orlando crossing the border over the course of 31 days – and it’s happening nearly every month.

The December numbers mark the ninth straight month with at least 200,000 illegals entering America.

Since President Joe Biden took the oath of office and through December of this year, about 6 million illegal aliens have crossed the U.S. southern borders — a crisis of epic proportions.

Of that, about 3.5 million illegally came to America since the start of 2022.

A curious Constitutional court case

Despite the alarming numbers, both President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris both made recent trips to border states and largely pretended everything is under control and there is no real crisis on the southern border. 

Why the lie? 

Perhaps some light is shined on the “why” by looking at what just happened in the capital of Vermont. 

The Federalist is reporting that the Vermont Supreme Court just upheld Montpelier’s ordinance allowing non-citizens to vote in municipal elections. 

Montpelier passed the ordinance back in 2018. 

Two years later, the city of Winooski, Vermont copied the idea and did the same. 

Republican Governor Phil Scott argued allowing non-citizens to vote would be unconstitutional. 

However, the court somehow ruled the state’s Constitution does not apply to local law – arguing citizenship requirements only apply to federal elections.

What happens in Vermont won’t stay in Vermont 

The verdict opens the door to Vermont’s Democrat legislature potentially passing a law that would allow non-citizens to vote in all state races as well. 

Many conservatives have argued for years that the Left’s obsession with open borders is, at least in part, due to the party’s desire to add illegal aliens to their voting rolls. 

Democrats are drooling over the opportunity to take what’s working for them in the Green Mountain State and spread it all across the country. 

In fact, San Francisco and multiple towns in Maryland have already jumped on the bandwagon giving voting rights to non-citizens. 

Smart money is on more laws and ordinances doing that same thing popping up in blue states and cities from coast-to-coast. 

Deplorable Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

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